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To Rachel


If you Didn't love me

If you didn't love me, tell me, foolish girl,
What were you stammering in those fatal nights?
Did you practice your tongue to mock your thought?
What did these tears mean, this oppressed throat,
These sobs and these cries?

Ah! if pleasure alone snatched these tendernesses from you,
If it was only pleasure that at this sad moment
On my lips on fire you covered with caresses
Like a single lover;

If the spirit and the senses, the kisses and the tears,
Are held by the hand of your mouth to your heart,
And if you must thus, to find charms there,
On the altar of pleasure profane happiness:R

Ah! My love! Rachel! idol of my life,

If the dark demon of your sleepless nights
Without this mask of fire could not take a step,
Why did you mention it, if you did not love me?

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