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To Make It up a Hill (a Poem)

Just me, explaining myself through Poetry words. Words that have been in my head for years. Now inviting you to read and see what you think?

"Pick Up Your Cross...And Follow Me!"

Golgotha: the Place of the Skull

Golgotha: the Place of the Skull


Born to us…as an innocent one,

Coming to Earth as God’s only son.

Sent to Earth to heal and teach,

Done in a manner of love…through his speech.

Being very selective in word, whenever he would preach.

Watching over the little ones…and blessing each.

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Walking along the Sea of Galilee...

Taking twelve men to make them all they could be.

Showing how God works in mysterious ways,

Calming the Wild Waters...Making them stay in place.

Raising up a person, after many days, from the dead,

Making sure 5000 that came to see him were all fed.

Delivered from Herod at a young age, when his father fled,

Beaten until the meat on his back turned to blood red.

Walking out on the water to get out to a boat...

Speaking parables of wonder...that listeners’ clung to...on every note.

Driving Money Makers from the Temple; He once turned Water into Wine,

Going into the Wilderness...with no provisions...for 40 days at one time.

Uttering one word…to dry up a tree not producing fruit…instantly,

Scorned, mocked, and ridiculed...When…He had lived so incredibly.

Having real one inch thorns mashed into his skull from a fake crown,

Telling a lady she was free of her accusers; They had put their stones down.

Choosing to take the cup…‘Cause it was his Father’s Will...

Taking up a Cross…To Make it up a Hill!

Question: What Does It Take To Carry A Cross Up A Hill?


Answer: Feel Free to ask Jesus anytime.

(Dedicated to Jesus…Because he’s my Savior! Thanks for what you did while you were in our midst! I hope this helps a few more to see some of what you did here…and to see all the things that you’re still doing here...)

Pin by V Dawn Cram Porter on My faith | Jesus art, Jesus ...

Pin by V Dawn Cram Porter on My faith | Jesus art, Jesus ...

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