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To Life With Reality

Jody R. LaGreca is a Simon & Schuster author of five novels, and author of twelve including FOREVER IN VEIN, AFTERNOON TEA and LOVE EDWARD.

Photos Of Life's Reality

To Life

Life is to the living

As death befits the dead.

Each to each, the latter,

Shall be our daily dread.

We try to cheat our doom

We look the other way.

As earth shall shroud

Both sinner and saint

In equal disarray.

Life is to the living

As death befits the dead.

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We see their stone-hedge welcome

For stretches of lying sleep,

Miles long and valleys deep.

We pray again our souls to keep.

The dead, they don the silence

As into the earth their shadows sweep.

The secret of their demise

The living shall with mercy keep.

By Jody R. LaGreca

© 2014 Jody R LaGreca


Jody R LaGreca (author) from New York, New York on June 25, 2014:

Thanks to everyone for their nice comments. I really appreciate the feedback.

Jamie Lee Hamann from Reno NV on June 17, 2014:

Well written poem, thank you for sharing. Jamie

miss_jkim on June 17, 2014:

Well done. this makes one stop, think, and be thankful for life.

Terry Harman from Lacey Washington on June 17, 2014:

Amazing writing with beauty that touches the soul!

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