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To Catherine


If you Want me to Love Again

If you want me to love again
Give me back the age of love
At the twilight of my days
Join, if possible, the dawn.

Of the beautiful places where the god of wine
With Love holds his empire,
Time, which takes me by the hand,
Warns me that I am withdrawing.

From his inflexible rigor
Let us draw at least some advantage.
Who does not have the spirit of his age,
Of his age has all the misfortune.

Leave to the beautiful youth
Its frolicsome outbursts.
We live only two moments:
Let it be one for wisdom.

What ! Forever you flee me,
Tenderness, illusion, madness,
Gifts from heaven, which console me For
the bitterness of life!

We die twice, I see it well:
To stop loving and being lovable,
It's an unbearable death;
To stop living is nothing.

So I lamented the loss
Of the errors of my early years;
And my soul, with open desires,
Regrets its wanderings.

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From the sky then condescending to descend,
Friendship came to my aid
She was perhaps as tender,
But less lively than the Cupids.

Touched by her new beauty,
And by her enlightened light,
I followed her; but I wept
From not being able to follow anyone but her

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