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Tips for Catching Santa in Holiday Picture Book from Best-Selling Author Jean Reagan

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Do You Think You Can Catch Santa This Year?

Tips for catching Santa this year

Tips for catching Santa this year

Do You Think You Can Catch Santa When He Visits Your Home This Year?

Jean Reagan's How to Catch Santa is here for the holidays with some tips for catching the big man in the red suit when he comes down the chimney at your house this year. It's finally Christmas Eve for these children in this adorable picture book and they are preparing to make an attempt to catch Santa this year. They are very hopeful and have prepared a large list of questions to ask Santa so that he will stay longer at their home when they finally catch him. They want to know how he squeezes down the chimneys. They want to know about fuel for the reindeer to keep them flying. They also want to know about Santa's favorite toy. So many questions!! They also have a lot to tell Santa. They especially want to thank him for all the gifts. Giving is a large part of Christmas and they are wondering what they should give Santa. How about a nose warmer? Do you think that Santa would like a lamp to help him see as he comes down dark chimneys?

How about some ideas for actually catching Santa? How about sprinkling glitter inside an envelope for Santa and when he opens it, the glitter gets all over him and he leaves a trail through the house? It is a good idea to be quiet while waiting. Reading Christmas books with your parents is a good activity to do while waiting for Santa. Maybe you should leave the lights on the Christmas tree so that Santa can see when he arrives. Peek out the window one last time before you actually fall asleep. The rule to remember is that Santa will not come until you are asleep.

Lee Wildish contributed his talents as an illustrator for How to Catch Santa. The illustrations are filled with all of the colors of the holidays.

How to Catch Santa was published by Dragonfly Books, a division of Random House. It is recommended for ages 4-7 and has an ISBN of 978-0-593-30190-6.

Good luck with trying to catch Santa.

Merry Christmas!

Fun and Colorful Illustrations For Story Engagement

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Bring How to Catch Santa to Your Classroom's Holiday Reading Collection

Children's Christmas books were always my favorite every year to read with my students and engage in holiday activities to enhance the reading experience. Engaging discussions of the book, art activities, and creative writing activities are all activities that can be used to enhance the reading experience when reading with your students. You can be as creative as possible when preparing holiday activties to go along with a chosen book. Jean Reagan's How to Catch Santa will present a wealth of ideas for activties that will create interest in reading this holiday book.

*Read How to Catch Santa in a story time session. Call attention to the Letters to Santa at the beginning of the book.

*Prepare a creative writing activity for students to write their own letters to Santa. Take a class poll of the number of students who have already written their letters and mailed them at the post office.

**Read the questions from the story that the children have for Santa. Engage students in a discussion of what they would ask Santa if they did catch him.

***Call attention to what the children in the story would tell Santa if they were successful in catching him? Engage your students in a discussion of things that they would like to tell Santa.

****The children in the story also want to give something to Santa. Make a list of things that your students would like to give to Santa.

*****Have fun wilth reading all of the tips for catching Santa. Make a class list of ideas for catching Santa when he comes down the chimney. Do your students think that they might be successful?

******Have milk and cookies available for students to have as a snack after reading this fun read for the holidays.


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