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All In Love

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There is something the sun never sets on.

There is something the sun never sets on.

Planes, trains, and buses have schedules to run on. A love that is scheduled isn't love at all.

Some hearts warm more quickly.

Some hearts chill too fast.

The saying encouraging us

to "Give up friendships

as slowly as you make them"

says nothing about love.

The song that claims

a " was too hot,

not to cool down"

was not speaking about real love.

The expression, "There is no half love":

is closer to the truth.

The song that says "...all or nothing at all"

spoke love's treasured secret:

Love willingly risks all,

because the prize is so priceless.

Once deserted, can make one twice cautious,

but the prize of true love,

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calls for a renewed "all in"


If half love worked,

how would you choose which half?

Then something would always

be lacking.

Love requires the sacrificing

of the Self.

In return, real love rewards

with a two-for-one reward

of indivisibility.

Yes, love's garden

needs constant care,

not just planting.

Its true harvest

is everything poets seek

to capture in well-chosen words

which express only three:

I love you.


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