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Tim Tebow's New Picture Book With Lesson in Helping Others

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Teamwork Makes It Easy to Help Someone in Need

Fun read by football STAR Tim Tebow

Fun read by football STAR Tim Tebow

Help Someone Even When Afraid

Football star Tim Tebow's new picture book Mission Possible With Bronco And Friends has a life lesson for young readers in learning that you can succeed in helping someone in trouble even if you are scared.

Bronco and his friends have a tasty honey cake to share on a sunny day until a bee lands on Bronco's nose. The bee needs help but Bronco is afraid of bees. Bronco runs as fast as he can and CRASHES into a goat. The goat knows that the bee is trying to tell them something. The bee needs to find its family after escaping from someone who stole the bees from their beekeeper.

Bronco knows that helping the bee is the right thing to do. He also knows that having a team to help will allow him to be successful in helping the bee. Bronco and his team of friends are successful in their mission to find the bee's family along with the queen bee. Now they must convince the queen bee to become confident that she can lead her family of bees back to the hive. Young readers will be engaged in the story to discover if the queen bee will be successful in returning to the hive. A lesson in teamwork is learned by all.

Tebow's Mission Possible With Bronco and Friends is recommended for ages 5-8 and has an ISBN of 9780593232064.

Colorful Illustrations by Jane Chapman


Meet the Author

Football fans will remember Tim Tebow as both a champion college player and a player in the NFL. He also played professional baseball for a short time. He is a sportscaster for ESPN and the SEC Network.

He also founded the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Bring Bronco Into the Classroom for Fun Activities

Picture books were always my go-to resource for fun learning activities for my pre-k and kindergarten students. Tebow's Mission Possible provides a wealth of ideas for activities.

*Read Mission Possible in a story time session.

*.Call attention to the honey cake. How do we get honey? Bring in a jar of honey for children to taste. Provide crackers or pretzels to dip in the honey.

*Engage children in a discussion of things they are afraid of.

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*Provide drawing paper, crayons, and markers for children to draw pictures of things they are afraid of.

*Introduce the concept of working in teams. Organize children into several small teams in the classroom to work on games or learning projects. Have children switch teams throughout the school year.

*Introduce the concept of helping someone even if you might be afraid. Engage children in a discussion of a time when they helped someone but were unsure of how to help.

*Bring in additional resources to learn about bees and how they make honey. Provide samples of flowers that bees like.

*Introduce a few kinds of bees. Provide pictures of different kinds of bees. Name the parts of bees.

*Bees cannot see the color red. Bring in several colors of flowers and a few red ones. Have a sorting activity for children to sort the flowers by color.

*Collect some pollen from flowers. Introduce the concept of pollen.

*Assign a project for children to choose a friend or family member to do helpful things for in a two week period of time. Provide drawing paper and crayons for children to draw pictures of themselves helping their chosen person. Staple their pages together to create a book about helping people.

*Take a field trip if possible to visit someone in your community who raises bees.

*Organize two class teams to play some chosen ball games. Teach the game of Red Rover. Teach a variety of team relay races. All of these teach the concept of teamwork.

*Engage children in a discussion of how working in teams helps bring success in games and projects.

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