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Thumbprint: A Look at a Broken Veteran

Thumbprint by Joe Hill

I'm in between books again and I’m almost through with Joe Hill’s anthology Full Throttle. So I thought I would read another short from the collection. This time around its thriller called Thumbprint and here is my review.

Thumbprint follows Marjory, a former soldier who is no trying to live her civilian life in the states. It explores her PSTD as it jumps back and forth between the war and her represent life. But this PSTD is very complicated as it by the shame and regret because in the war she found she enjoyed doing those awful things and is struggling to be a good person. But as all this is happening, someone is sending her mysterious letters that contain a thumbprint.

So the good and bad? Let’s start with the good. The PSTD is explored well. And the fact that Marjory is somewhat psychotic and is aware of it, is fascinating. She does something despicable in the first scene of this story for reasons she doesn’t know but then hides it from herself to not deal with it because she knows it’s wrong. That’s the kind of person she is. She’s broken and is just barely holding herself together. It was a fascinating look of someone with PSTD and some other mental illness mixed in.

The bad? The ending made sense, but came out of nowhere. Though clever in a lot of ways, it is a gut punch. It is dark. Its not is a horror movie kind of way but in a real world kind of way. If you read Hill’s dark tale about mass shootings called Loaded, this has that same sort of dark as hell ending. And call me crazy, but I can read about superspies killing people all day or laugh in glee when a monster flays its victims alive, but this was too real world. And for some other readers, they may feel the same. Especially if they read for escapism.

Overall, I did enjoy this read. Despite a dark ending, it really explored a fascinating character. It shines a real light on broken people after war, especially with how it focuses someone who discovers something awful about herself she wished she never knew. It has a great stuff in it. But that ending is a depressing one.

Overall Rating: A Look at a Broken Veteran.

4 Smoothies out of Five

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