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A Beautiful Poem

Love of friends on me
Just let it be borrowed.
This debt is very beautiful,
Let me owe you!


The eyes that spark,
In sorrow, in happiness, for me.
Forever in all those eyes,
Let the love be uncountable!


Keep changing the seasons,
Come spring and autumn.
My friends all my life,
Let it be evergreen!


This is not just friendship,
The garden is of faith.
With flowers of love, affection,
Let it live!


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That fun, those pranks,
Neither you forget, nor do we forget.
Age increases..great,
Let this character stay !!
* - Dedicated to all friends *


Story of beautiful feeling !!!!

There was once an island where all emotions lived together. One day there was a storm in the sea and the island was about to sink. Everyone is scared but Luv builds a boat to escape. All emotions except one feeling jumped into the boat. Prem stepped down to see who it was ... it was arrogance! Prem tried and tried but the ego did not shake. Everyone asked Luv to leave his ego and get in the boat but Luv meant Luv. It remained with the ego. All the other emotions were left alive, but Luv died due to Ego !!

Think on it

You will like it every time u read it.

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