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Thrills Island

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The Great King-1.1

Once upon a time in the well known trill islands of Ayatutu, there was a great king, who would stoop to pair up with his army for wars against their enemies.

They fought all wars and won graciously, then he went back to his throne room to occupy his royal sit. But not for long, he passed away leaving his inheritance to his only son.

Yet again, trouble befell the kingdom, the son learning and fighting beside his father at the battle field, played the same role his father played earlier on, again the battle against their enemy was won gracefully.

Going back home, he surmoned his kinsmen in the sacred room.

They saw this bad omen that may befall the kingdom, if immediate preventive measures were not taken, as they already had moles amidst them.

To avoid the evil and shame that may come upon them in the nearest future, they chose a make shift king to make do, before the original king takes his throne.

Unforturnately, the make shift king failed to see what was coming upon him, instead he embraced immorality and curses.

Evil Scheme-1.2

The trills island of ayatutu, well known for its rich and strict cultural values, also believe in the supreme GOD of all creations.

Scheduling special, sacred, routine rituals meant to appease and converse with GOD, seeking to remain in HIS favour.

At the last victory they secured in war, the ritual rites were performed accordingly, while the next would be, the Kinsmen sailing round the waters surrounding the island, with selected guards and boat mates.

And while the Kinsmen were at it, they sang and chant praises to GOD for victory attained.

Back at the kingdom, the make shift king who was supposedly the overseer of the affairs of the kingdom for a given period of time, was busy playing out his evil schemes of doing away with the true Kinsmen and the true heir to the throne, with his disturbing the peace hoodlums.

He sent them to attack the kinsmen offshore at night but as GOD would have it, the hoodlums attacked the wrong boat.

A boat of other traders subcribed to sail their water ways.

Winds Of Truth-1.3

The disturbing the peace hoodlums attacked the wrong boat, a trader boat sailing their water ways, then returned back to the kingdom to give the make shift king a situation report.

As soon as he got the news, he asked the town crier to send out signals around the island and surrounding waters, stating that the kinsmen got in an already damaged boat while performing the ritual rites, and as a result of that the boat capsized in mid waters and they all sank.

But to the astonishment of people fishing at early hours, they were struck shock dumb founded by the winds of truth, when they saw the kinsmen along side their guards and other boat mates alight the boat as the arrive the kingdom, looking like ghosts.

After a not so good reception, they were later told about the rumor going on about their death and all other misdeeds in the kingdom while they were away on the ritual mission.

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Though it wasn't fair to them, they would rather focus on the next task, which would be to curate a fire festival that would have other sacred proceedings.

Rekindle The Fire-1.4

So finally the day for the fire festival came, a day to kick start the fortification process of the kingdom.

Early hours, The Royal House hands are seen fetching woods, ready to set fire.

The fire festival which will last five days and five nights, will have all public and sacred proceedings.

Meanwhile a forthnite conclave had been held by His Lordship, the heir to the throne and his kinsmen in the cubicle, consulting highers powers for approval of inductions and initiations, a prime minister would also be elected after His Lorship, the heir to the throne takes his throne.

The period of sacred proceedings will also involve selecting a suitable wife for His Lordship, the heir to the throne. Yet to recieve a reply from their consultation about His Lordships wife, they are told, they 'll recieve an answer the moment they walk outside the cubicle.

The answer would either be, "His Lordships wedding would either be a success, or he wouldn't find a suitable wife at the moment, which simply means, he 'll have to wait till further notice".

His Lordship and his kingmen just finished choping down the goat in the cubicle, out the doors of the cubicle, nine white birds are seen aboard flight in the sky, flying on a straight line heading towards the west. And just as a few people who have a little knowledge about the messege sent are beginning to mumble amongst themselves, while other ceremonial rights are been carry out, another seventeen white birds are seen aboard flight in the sky flying in a pyramid formation, again heading towards the west.

A third flight immediately backs up the pyramid formation flight, but this time around its just one bird in flight.

It's all smiles and laughter as the kinsmen recieves the good news, they 'll let worry go now, atleast about the success of his Lordships marriage, non the less, they 'll have to stay cautious of treators.

Although it looks like the ritual proceedings are focus on the young and promising men of the kingdom, it is also for the girls.

Choosen ones amongst the young men will be purified, fortified, concencreted, inducted and initiated into the Band of Lords. Alot of efforts have been put into making the task a success already.

For the girls, instead of undergoing the purnishment for not staying chaste till the knot is tied, they will be given another chance at the house of purification, where they will go through an intense process of purification, the test last three complete full moons.

Though immorality is a high level of misconduct in the kingdom, it is an abomination amongst the highly placed and most influencial heads of the kingdom.

A Thing Of Fivesome-1.5

The success of the fire festival brought about reality in the kingdom. All of a sudden a culture and tradition that was underated and almost forgotten had been awoken, a fire has been rekindled in the hearts of all.

But what is awoken in the heart of each and every individual is yet to be known.

Now almost everybody craves knowledge and understanding in the kingdom, especially the schemers. They think they don't desearve to loose all the time.

The tree attacking axe folks who always run into the kingdom wood researve illegally felling trees also got signals of what was going on in the kingdom.

The signals got to them via the disturbing the peace hoodlums, who went on a hide out in the wood researves, after failing to deliver on the task given to them by the make shift king.

The fear of getting caught drove them into the wood reseaves, to meet with the illegal axe folks felling trees.

The kingdom is almost becoming a bird eye view show, but a thing of fivesome, as almost everybody, both old renewed and young wanted to see what might hit them if something went wrong before it does, just so they are able to avoid it-for the genuine ones, and the mischivious-to come up with other ways to get their heart desire done without getting into trouble, how funny.

A the 'One Question Mark House', eight pigeons are seen taking off into the air. The flight of the pigeons is seen heading towards the 'Joint House Of Osheok', then they petch.

The house which is no doupt a God Gifted house, a house believed to have answers, but unfortunately a long time troubled house with alot of lost souls.

What then would be the fate of the eight pigeons in a supposedly nice and trill-'joint house of osheok'?

Will things be different now or will they leave with faulty faults?

Will they loose one and leave with a distributary mind set?

Back at the 'One Question Mark House', is a pretty little dove, just watching the eight pigeons as they take off.

That same moment, His Lordship is seen walking passed the stand were the pretty little dove is left to be by itself. The doves attention immediately turns towards him as she watches him carefully, then flies after him.

With the expression that reads, 'oh you sent me, i almost forgot'.

Classical Soul Beats-1.6

It's a brand new day, and a set of Three Ice-Pigeons who earliar left the 'Joint House Of Osheok' to categorically start a 'Joint Distribution' business in a different world are again seen in the kingdom, they have been around for sometime now but have only been up to pretence and wishes.

They also got signals of what was going on in the kingdom. They will love for the books to be reviewed again, knowing fully well they had a pretty great record.

But for them to achieve their goal, they will have to prove their loyalty to His Lordship and his loyal Kinsmen. Now how will they go about their mission?

They stand the best chance of victory at battle this time around, for the fire festival and all other rites associated to it was successful and the islands blessing's in increment.

They will fight to take their rightful place back on the scroll of the kingdom, the scroll of the Lord's prayer, were the cycle has been replaced by an axe. Though they feel somewhat guilty, they feel their personal interests got in the way and drove them into neglegence which led to them being displaced easily.

Now, the remaining axe folks in the kingdom have proven to be illegal folks, not only illegal, but also distructive treators of the kingdom. Consciously or unconsciously, on the way to out casting themselves as members of the notorious disturbing the peace hoodlums.

The Pigeons flight to the woods lands at the top eastern part of the forest as they start to coo.

In the past years, they lost two of their very own in a fierce fight in the woods. They will pay homage at the east wing of the woods, seek and invoke the guardian spirits to be with them in battle if need be, then head to the western wing to do same.

So their flight continues through the mid-forest up the western wing, again they landed and again they cooed.

Where ever they land, they owl who has been quietly watching the activities of the illegal axe folks felling trees in the woods will start hooting and the Pigeons will reply cooing.

Not a good omen for the illegal axe folks felling trees in the woods, but only if they had one.

Meanwhile back at the kingdom, butterflies are seen flying outside the gates of the palace before making their way into the surroundings. What would this sign be about?

It could mean loss or death, but most importantly love, happiness, victory, and success.

But the Royal House hold wouldn't worry about any lost this time around, they are pretty sure it's not about death, it's almost never about death when it comes to their butterflies, death messeges come to them in different signs, and if it is by any chance, then it's certainly the enemy.

Afterall the sacrifices and gift offered to God have been receieved in good fate. So they 'll take some very beautiful and handsomely looking butterflies and keep in the study farm for sometime, till they receive a sign to set them free again, a sign they await.

As the classical soul beats of the birds stops, the fury of fire and blood bath takes over the woods.

They war Lords are set to return to His Lordship with the heads of the dead and the surrendered captives as proof of their loyalty.

Service And Loyalty-1.7

The purfication period for the young maidens whom were not found chast free had already commenced as directed by His Lordship, and all rites were being performed accordingly before a few delibrately defaulted, saying it's of no use and holds no weight, ignoring the fact that defaulting amidst pardon grace would amount to stiff purnishments, most likely to be outcasted.

It's the first full moon already. The loyal and dedicated ones are seen celebrating as they are graced by the presence of Her Royal Majesty, the mother of His Royal Highness, His Lordship, the heir to the throne. She come bearing gifts and appreciation to the girls. As each one of them recieves theirs, the Queens sets a sea gaul free, by the time, all the maiden had receive their verious gifts, the sea gauls are on their way back to the sea. This signifies the first step of success towards freedom from immoral slavery.

More butterfies came around, this time around, the white ones precisely. The were also taken in as well, and the ones that came around in yellow have been growing pretty fast.

It's yet another brand new day and the ice pigeons are seen in flight at the front yard of the palace, going round and round in circles, while the owl hoovers around the incense tree at the court yard and flies straight in to make a landing in the throne room.

Standing at the gates of the palace are the war Lords, as the return with the proof of Service And Loyalty to His Lordship. They grace him with the heads of the lossers in battle-the illegal axe folks and disturbing the peace hoodlums.

His Lordship smiles and directs a few guards to takes the heads to the fire place, the heads would be skinned and the remainings preserved for references sake.

Meanwhile the victors are taken to the special quatres to be cleaned up and have a rest, there will be a celebration later and hopefully, the books will be reviewed within the week.

A Royal Full Moon Banquet-1.8

The chosen maidens of the kingdom have been undergoing thier purification rituals and all other neccesary rites. So far it seem to have been a success, except that again a few had defaulted in a way that would be excused or pardoned, but those who misled them must be purnished. A Sentence had been pronouced on them and to serve time , they must.

The maidens now consciously carry themselves in a more respectable and dignifying way.

As they say, a good reputation is neither given or taken by force, it is earned, hence intergrity.

Up in the sky is the beautiful moon as it has just completed yet another circle, hence a full moon. Although the maidens aren't yet aware they have successfully passed another trial, they stay focused on each task given to them.

Three of the maiden have been surmoned by the queen. As they walk through the lobby, by the court yard, they can view the sky through the open air space, the moon is seen complimenting the sun as it shines, shine on.

They are met by the queen at her court, she wouldn't speak much, but send words of encouragement, prayer and more gifts to the rest of the girls, as they return back to the court, the white butterflies which are almost fully grown are set free.

While at the guest lodge, some of the Victorious War Lords were begginning to be anxious about the kingdom books review, even though, they have been given preferencial treatments since the got back from the woods with the enemies heads.

Today they will be hosted to a royal full moon banquet, and hopefully, they would get to know their fate in the scheme of things.

But before the meal, the royal house crier, reads through the books. Alas the great king had earlier amended the books, its was fore sayed that a day like this would come to pass in the kingdom, so it was only for his son and his kinsmen to do more if, when and were neccessary, and yes more has been done , so provisions were made, and responsibilities duely handed over accordingly.

At the table are all dignified heads of the kingdom as dinner is served, starting with prayers that would bless and sanctify the meal, it has forever been the culture and tradition of royalty in the palace.

The palace banquet room also has a fire place that hits the room during cold seasons, as the fire burns, it hits up the temperature of the room to stability.

It's yet another blessed day in the kingdom, set the yellow butterflies free, his Lordship the great kings sun orders.

Essence Of Purity 1.9

It's been a blessings after blessings since the ice pigeons returned with victory and kingdom activities had since commenced.
The heir to the throne, His Lordship, the prince of the kingdom has also been about his business which is to make sure everything works for the betterment of every citizen of the thrill kingdom.
The queen has also been thrilled and most especially happy about the growth and success so far.
The third moon is just about to round up, and the maidens of the kingdom under going the process of purification are all excited,
those one's who weren't penalised have being doing everything right.
Keeping to the rules and regulations of the ritual rites. As a matter of fact, these past months has seen that, immorality be erased from their minds automatically.
And their bodies respected and kept sacred.
They have been humble and graceful about all activities.
But they are yet to know that, amongst them, His Lordship will take one as a wife, a lifetime companion, under his humble self.
Like wise other royal house members.
A few miles away from the palace, in other villages of the kingdom, citizens have seen the moon round up, but this time around, a dazzled ring of fire.
This means alot, but the king and his kinsmen will have a quick meeting, but details of the meeting won't be disclosed to anyone who isn't present.

As the purification period is about to be rounded up, preparations for celebration have already kick started, and sanitisation to its utmost relevance.
The elders rounded up their meeting slightly before the third moon to mark the end of the purification process of the selected maidens rounded up to its full state.
Now all members and workers of the royal house hold, meets at the king's court to celebrate and make merry the success of the purification process.
The prince chooses one of the maidens to court, pending the day of coronation.

It's all love, happiness, joy, peace and blessings in the air as all celebrates.

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