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Three Impactful Personal Branding Secrets for Freelance Writers

Rajinder is a writer/editor turned digital writopreneur. He has published more than 1000 articles. He has trained 735 writopreneurs in India

Personal Branding

Author Branding, Google Authority, Camera Confidence and Overall Personality Development for Freelance Writers by Coach Rajinder Soni

Author Branding, Google Authority, Camera Confidence and Overall Personality Development for Freelance Writers by Coach Rajinder Soni

If your goal is to become a super profitable freelance writing expert and get a number of high-paying clients knocking at your door then I am going to share three impactful branding secrets with you. No no with branding I am not going to talk about logos, decorative flyers, brochures, or eye-catching images and videos. I am talking about impactful core strategies. If you want to know about these secrets, simply type “yes I want to learn personal branding secrets” in the comments below this hub.

First secret is “Creating your Mission Statement”

Either you are a writer with years of experience or an aspiring writer or an intern, creating a mission statement will give you an edge over others and a major breakthrough in terms of getting the clients. A clearly defined statement including your mission, vision and purpose with an emotional touch will help you stand out from the crowd.

Invest your money and time into developing a signature brand identity which represents your true purpose, products, message and mission. Building and defining the elements of your brand identity is the first step to stand out online and reach an ‘influential writer’s’ status. I will give you an example of my mission statement.

A typical mission statement of a freelance writer should be

“I am on a mission to connect with 500,000 business owners and convert their website into a lead generation machine.” Isn’t this a powerful statement? What else is more important for a business owner?

Now have you created your mission statement till now? If yes, type yes, “I will write my mission statement” in the comments. If not, type, “I will create my mission statement today”. After creating your mission statement you need to upload it on all your social media channels and start talking about your mission whenever you connect with someone in your network. Clients love to connect with goal-oriented professional writers.

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Second secret is “Building your Digital Properties”

There are many freelance writers who have worked for various clients but they don’t have their digital properties. It is good that you have got clients today and they are paying you but what if you need to showcase your work to new clients. Do you have a blog? Did you ever create your digital properties? Are you writing somewhere online? If yes, type ‘I already have my website’ in the comments. If not, type ‘I will start building my blog from today’.

The most important benefit is that whenever a client asks you to provide samples you will just send them a link to your website or blog. This looks professional. Instead of sending them various pdf files, word documents or scattered links to your client’s websites, send them to your professional website or blog. If you are in our Digital Writopreneurs Community then you are already building your digital properties. This will also help you while negotiating rates with your clients because of your professional display of talent.

Another benefit is that you can edit your articles or stories anytime you want. Get feedback and make your blog more impactful for clients.

Third secret is “Learning social media mastery”

Are you shy on social media? Like most areas of life and business there are two ways you can approach things. You can give a little bit of attention to many things or you can devote all your attention to one thing. By learning social media mastery I am not saying that you need to promote yourself across multiple platforms aimlessly. Rather it is all about adding a lot of value consistently on all your social media channels.

It comes from understanding the environment of each platform, using it consistently to connect with people who hang out there. To build something that can stand the test of time you need to have a solid foundation to support it. Choose a platform based on where your colleagues hangout and where you actually love spending time. Now dedicate all your energy and effort to master that platform and create a connection with the movers and shakers of that space.

For this, you will need to create your social media promotion plan. So are you not active on your LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram accounts? If you are active, type ‘I am quite active and using them to fetch clients’ in the comments. If not, type, “I lack in this important area but I will definitely start”.

So these were three impactful personal branding secrets for freelance writers. If you received benefit from my strategies, type ‘I got benefited’ in the comments. Don’t forget to like and follow our official Facebook page, which is Also subscribe to our YouTube channel “Digital Writopreneurs Hub and Academy”, hit like and add comments below our videos. You will also find the video “to create your mission statement” on our channel.

I have not shared my social media mastery plan on my channel as it is only available inside my courses and is exclusive for my digital writopreneurs community members. Visit our website to get more insights on writing, editing, blogging and making money. Tomorrow at 5:30 pm, I will write another power-packed and valuable hub for freelance writers and bloggers. Wishing you an awesome day.

Mission: Train 200,000 Indian writers to earn.

Mission: Train 200,000 Indian writers to earn.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Rajinder Soni

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