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Thousands of Hubbers Missing From Hub Pages Feed: A Prose in Rhymes

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


Where are those hubbers never seen on Feed

not with their comments, or with their creations

I can't but see it all as a certain mystery indeed

or are they but figment of my crazy expectations.

Yet, think about it -- no category consists of just few

so out of thousands there must be more of our kind

and as we are seeing a lot of those completely new

there are no old timers showing of our similar mind.

So where are they, silent, and private, and just writing

are they out of our league, or less likely just being shy

like they are not finding in this Feed anything exciting

or what is some better logic here that we could apply.

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All I could see is a dozen as if monopolizing Feed

all in their beautiful, above all, a friendly interaction

exchanging their impressions about what they read

but of all the thousands of hubbers they are fraction.

Am I the only one to see it as rather strange

or there are any others out there to agree

that only a few are attracted to this exchange

while a mass of others are nowhere to see.

Yes, I got it, I don't participate either, as you say

but not a complete stranger, you must admit

thus nevertheless -- at the end of the day

what I am asking here is quite legit.

© 2022 Val Karas

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