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Thoughts- Where Does Time Go?

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I am just a woman living an authentic life, who likes open, honest discussions.

Where does time go?

Where does time go?

Has it really been that long?

According to this it has been a long time since I last sat to write. Even today, I didn't intentionally sit down to write. I just happen to see that I could log in from the school that I am subbing in.

Have I stopped writing? Not at all. I keep a gratitude journal. I often scribble out my challenges on any available paper. I am in the process of writing a book on the topic of step-parenting. I also created and am the executive editor for a small local magazine called CONNECTIONS. Connections was created for the non-profit whose board I sit on. It is a work of passion. It is the first of its kind! Connections is a printed publication dedicated to bringing attention to community programs & non-profits while supporting small, local business. It has advertising opportunities for the local community businesses that do not benefit from syndicate advertising and bring the opportunity to some small business who otherwise would not be able to allow for advertising in their annual budget. January launches a 2nd edition and will be the first to feature content! I am excited about this. I can probably write an entire article about it.

I have been experiencing a happy, busy life so the style of writing that came from my rawest emotions have stopped for a time. Ebb & flow. We do not truly loose things do we? Life is cyclical. I expect that those writings will return to me again. If I am being truly being honest, I do not look forward to or welcome it. That style of writing comes at a price. I described it for someone once. The heart bleeds out onto paper...

Part of me is happy to be back. Another part is using caution with the word back. There is a sense of permanence and intention in that word. I am not sure that it is what I am really doing here.


In this season of my life, I have experienced a shift away from poetic writing into experience writing. I am more drawn to writing about thoughts & experiences, especially in areas that can help those around me who may be having similar experiences.

The hot topic in my life deals with having noobie adults in the household and figuring out how to guide them thru it without loosing my mind or patience in the process. It's a day to day process. I am happy to say that most days are great. On other days, the accumulation of small things threatens to tip the scales.

How have you been? What have you been up to? If you were my hubpages crew, tell me what you have written that has been your favorite. I need a condensed version of my to be read list. If I could only read one or two, which ones would you suggest?

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