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Thoughts V/S Sacraments

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

Received without

getting the sacrament

Convenience causes one's downfall.

Richness of mind,

This is good, not because of money…

Wealth of wealth gives arrogance,


The prosperity of the mind gives rites.

You don't have bread in old age

Only your given rites will feed.

There is no will greater than sacraments

And there is no greater inheritance than friends.

Where trees and water are together

There is greenery on its own

Life is the same.

Where simplicity of mind and

Have family rites

Greenery comes in life.

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Get education from anywhere

Can do

But rites always home

See you

Be free from thoughts

Stay tied to the rites.

Everything can be copied

But not the character, behaviour, values ​​and knowledge.

What is not seen is the foundation

Whether he is God,

Be it thoughts or sacraments.

If human beings sacrificed before education,

Behaviour before trade,

Before God recognizes the parents

There will never be any difficulty in life.

If a gift to a child

If not given, he will cry for some time.

But if the rites are not given, then that

Will cry for a lifetime.

Education can bring us wealth and fame

But keeping them

safe can teach you the values


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