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Thoughts About the Dragonfly

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

"Here's  looking at you ten-thousand."

"Here's looking at you ten-thousand."

Oh, my. There he goes flying so silently and gracefully about to find a favorite reed or stalk near the water. Such a beauty the dragonfly is. Those huge eyes are so sharp that nothing harmful should ever hit him head-on. See? The dragonfly was fully-equipped by The Maker to allow him to enjoy his life, but live it all alone.

Poor dragonfly. Your depression must be a heavy burden. But you hide it so well. You just fly around doing your thing, keeping nature intact without as much of a whisper of rebellion. Who cannot be proud to give you honor, dragonfly?

I hope that you do not spot me hiding here behind this oak tree where so many people just sit back on this majestic tree and enjoying superlative thoughts. I can say the same thing about the dragonfly who I am studying his every move. I am captivated by his sturdy wings and while they punish the breezes, you cannot hear one sound from them. Again. The Maker knew His business.

Let me tell you from my heart that I chose to not go all scientific and biloogical when reading-up on the dragonfly. To me, I admit it. Since I was a kid playing in our yard, when I would spy a dragonfly, I just had to sneak-up where I thought he was gong to take his rest. And the dragon, in its super-sensitive eyes, would catch me before I could catch the dragonfly and simply fly away.

Honestly, although I was a weakling of a kid, the dragonfly hurt my feelings to the bone and I lay down in the grass (face down) and cried in hopes that the dragonfly would take pity on he and land on the ground near where I lay. Nope. The dragonfly must have been created without any feelings for other living things but himself. But I have noticed in my adult years the male and female dragonflies do have a simple courtship and afterwards, they fly away a different way. This too is sad, but the way of the "loner" dragonfly.

Songs with dragonfly in lyrics
"Dragonfly," by Clutch; lyrics "Dragonfly," by The Nolens; (Best find): "Spanish Castle Magic" by Jimi Hendrix Experience. This song goes: "It's very far away, It takes about a half and a day to get there If we travel by my uh, dragon-fly. Boo Hewerdine - "Dragonflies" Ron Sexsmith - "Dragonfly On Bay Street Ron gets funky as a dragonfly leads to a swift career change ... " Devendra Banhart - "Dragonflies Very short, but very cool. ... Red House Painters - "Dragonflies Kozelek."

Right now I know that you are shocked at knowing about songs that spot light the dragonfly. And now, would you believe that our friend the dragonfly has a catchy nick-name: Witch Doctor. Amazing? I think so.

And we still haven't found out what dragonflies are good for? Well, quite honestly, I did find out that dragonflies catch flies, yes, all types of flies, (no skinners, though) that keep our ecosystem. Could be that the dragonfly is like a Ninja, who keeps things evil in check for reward for pat on the back.

And hold on to your keyboards. Here is yet a short list of books that mention "dragonfly," and "dragonflies."

⦁ English Devil's Riding Horse
⦁ French Chevau du diable (Devils horse)
⦁ Cavaleta del diavola (Devils horse)
⦁ USA Devils Horse / Devil's Riding Horse /
⦁ German Tenfelspfred (Devils Horse)
⦁ Danish Fandens ridehest ("Devil's riding horse") Ijseren paard (Iron Horse) Parrdrijder (Horseman)
⦁ Spanish Caballito del Diablo ("Devil's horse")
⦁ Portuguese Cavallo d'o demo (Devils horse)
⦁ Romanian Calul Dracului (Devils Horse) Pitingdul Dracului (The little horse of the devil)
⦁ Swedish trollslända (hobgoblin fly)
⦁ Australian Horse Stinger
⦁ Finnish Pirum Hevonen (the devils little Horse)
⦁ Croatian (damoiselle fly) Konjska Smrt (horse's death)

And then there are some sports-minded addicts (I'm reformed, thank you) that use expired dragonflies as fish bait.

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What an undignified way to go.

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"Although I'm a loner by birth, I love being alone here so I can spot my next meal."

"Although I'm a loner by birth, I love being alone here so I can spot my next meal."

© 2021 Kenneth Avery


Fred's Bughouse from near the Equator on September 16, 2021:

A depressed dragonfly? Interesting... Also your list of "books" looks like a list of names for dragonflies from other countries (you might want to do a quick edit of your story). And we don't know what you mean by "sports-minded addicts" (opioid abusers obsessively playing football?), but if it's fishermen you're referring to, we typically use the larvae of some larger dragonflies in the genus Anax called "hellgrammites," not expired (?) adult dragonflies. Is your article meant to provide information for people seeking it on the internet, or is it a topic that crossed your mind one day and resulted in a collection of random thoughts?

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 15, 2021:

I think that they are beautiful. We have many of them that seem to visit our garden and area in general.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 15, 2021:

Only you...would think of writing about the dragon fly.

I wonder if there is a Ninja?

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