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This Week's Goals- Updated January 15

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I am an artist and writer looking to improve my life financially and emotionally


This will be a space dedicated to my weekly goals, where I can keep track, keep organized, and keep accountable.

It will be ongoing and updated weekly.

This is mostly for me, but please feel free to follow along if you are interested. I will also be discussing my accomplishments for the previous week.

January 15

Last week I did not complete all of my goals. I did not finish my Listverse goal, only three sections. I did finish my binder and notes.

My goals for the coming weeks:

1. Writing goals are to write ten articles/posts per day. I am really stepping up my writing goals, and the goal is over four writing sites.

2. Decide on my gardening plan for the spring/summer.

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3. Find a buyer for my treadmill.

January 8

My accomplishments from last week:

Building my pantry to a two-month supply. I now have most staple items, a full freezer, and a variety of baking goods to save money on groceries by cooking at home.

My goals for the upcoming week:

1 Writing Goals: To write two Listverse sections per day. To write at least two HP articles per day.

2 Get my notes organized and start my organization binder.

3 Write down all recipes from notes I've taken last week.

I think this is enough for this week, although I will do a lot more as I think of things that need to be done.

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