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Things Are Looking up for Me, in Tiny Bits

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Christine is an artist who practices many art forms, including painting, sketching in colored pencil and graphite, dollmaking, bookmaking.

A day at the beach

A day at the beach

It's going to be a bright winter's day

I feel so much better today than I have for a long time. I've had a few tiny successes with my art and writing. But the more important things are the relationships with my family and friends.

Talking makes things better. So does physical activity, and cleaning. I had a really rough day yesterday, and my boyfriend came home from work because he was worried about me.

We talked and cleaned the house. It had gotten very messy in the prior weeks due to the passing of our beloved Happy. Everyone was depressed, and no one wanted to do anything.

So we just had a really nice day, making our home nice again, and looking at recent photos of her that were on my camera that we hadn't seen yet. It was nice but sad in those moments.

This is the first time I've really talked about her. I thought I would be the rock for my family during her last days, and afterward, but I failed and I was not. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself: I am only human.

I actually wasn't planning on talking about this in this essay, but it just came out. These are times when my writing happens by itself, so I guess that is the flow they talk about.

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Thank you for reading. Even just this little bit about her was hard to write.

My Girl

My Girl

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