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They Left this World for a Good Reason - A Dark Poetry

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I am writing stories that sounded like poetry to express lyricism and share my love in writing

They Left this World for a Good Reason - A Dark Poetry

They Left this World for a Good Reason - A Dark Poetry

They Left this World for a Good Reason - A Dark Poetry

What I’m about to say is difficult
I am no longer his lover
I’ve loved this man for as long as I can remember
He completes me
He was my source of happiness
But, everything we were
Will only be memories of what we had
Was, were, had
All in the past
And he made it clear to me he’s never coming back

We were living together for almost five years
And it felt forever
Though we were not married or engaged
We were a couple
He holds my hand firmly
We date on Fridays
And binge on Netflix every Saturday
My life was perfect

I make his breakfast
And he says thank you
And I was so happy that he appreciates my way of expressing my love
My sweet smile
My warm kiss on his cheeks and forehead
My teddy bear hugs

I am broken
It hurts me to think
That the pain I am feeling right now
Is not something I expected
I was so sure of my fairytale ending
But, my supposedly happily ever after
Suddenly, became a disaster

He changed
He was no longer the man I used to love
I suddenly became irrelevant
And everything I am
And everything I’ve done
Was never enough

Then it happened
The day I fear
The day when he’ll confess what’s inside his chest
And permanently close his doors

As he slowly approaches my table
In a restaurant where he told me to wait
I know that this was it
I braced for impact
For anything that he was about to say

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And when we finished our meal
He shared he has something important to tell me
That’s when I knew who took my place
He told me he no longer loves
He’s in love with someone else
Someone younger
He showed me her picture
She had blue eyes and her hair was red

I was devastated
I was in such a wreck
Though, I know this would happen
I still had hopes that what we had
Will never end

My emotion and mental state was not in the right place as we drove home
He told me he’s moving out the following day
I want to say something to hold him back
But I don’t know what words should I say
So I kept silent pretending I was OK

At home his clothes were almost completely packed
I guess his moving out was perfectly planned
And I asked him if he can still be with me for one more night
I took off my clothes and he said yes

I felt delighted for what just happened
I enjoyed each minute and each second
And after were finished
I helped him pack and we went to bed to take some rest

But I felt disturbed
And I could not sleep
There's something bothering me
So I wake him up
To have my peace
And after he opened his eyes
And before he could say single word
I stuck a knife in his throat
And as I stood-over him beside the bed
Watching my love fade away
The screams inside my head calmly disappeared

A Horrific Tale of an Abusive Relationship

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