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Thesaurus Has A Secret by Anya Glazer

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Thesaurus Has A Secret


Thesaurus Has A Secret: Great book for a holiday gift

Thesaurus has a secret is a sensational book to give your young loved ones this holiday season. It is written and beautifully illustrated by Anya Glazer. It is very easy to read with your young ones and will surely encourage them to want to read more just like Thesaurus.

Thesaurus is a dinosaur who loves words and he is longing to tell everyone but he is afraid that he will be ridiculed for loving to read. But as he frets about his love of words, he soon realizes that his fear was needless. His friends soon learn of his immense joy for reading and encourage him to read to them. They are so eager to listen and enjoy all the different worlds that Thesaurus has traveled through his love of reading. . Thesaurus has a secret is deserving to find a spot on your bookshelf or your little one's bedside table.

Thesaurus has a Secret

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Cindy on November 03, 2020:

It's really a cute picture book!

Lynne Samuel from Malaysia on November 02, 2020:

That is quite the eye-catching cover! I'll keep it under my books to check out.