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There Is a Friend 2

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...



When one has a friend who supports you in all things, one does not know what God has done for the person because the person would achieve the impossible.

There is A Friend

There is a friend who will not close his eyes until his friend sleeps though he lives in a comfortable place and has all the goods that money can offer…

There is a friend who will not taste the good delicacies placed before him because he knows his friend had neither iotum of food to eat nor drop of water in his closet to drink. He will keep those foods until he gets to his friend so that they eat together,

There is a friend who explores all presenting opportunities not for self neither children nor siblings but because of his suffering friend for he wants him to be where he is,

There is a friend who takes loans to establish and pay off debts of his friend because he feels unhappy anytime he sees him

There is a friend who is never assisted for anything yet knowing his friend is far behind couldn't stand it, he/she starts working around the clock to ensure life of his friend is positively changed

There is a friend who will never push his friend to the back whenever and wherever he sees him because he recalls how they started together,

There is a friend who ensures wives, children see his friend as they are seeing him, respect his downcast friend as they are respecting him because he remembers those struggling moments they had together,

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There is a friend who will not be pushed off by his friend's recurrent demands for he knows if he has he wouldn't be demanding

There is a friend who sets ladders right so that this friend will climb and get to new status in the society,

There is a friend who puts bit stones at the sides of the circular log of wood placed across the river so that when his friend is on the wood crossing the log would neither be able to turn nor shake his friend into the river but would allow him to successfully cross to the other side of joy

There is a friend who sees his friend's suffering as his, his stagnation as his, his denial as his', his setbacks as his'

There is a friend who cries when his friend cries, weeps when his friend weeps

There is a friend who wants and always loved to see his friend in happiness, progress, joy and joyous moods, overcoming challenges, progressing in all facets of life,

There is a friend who though has been separated from his friend because of his new status will always stoop low to seek and bring his friend to himself for he knows exalted positions have ways of setting boundaries keeping people yea friends away

I Want to be That Friend

I want to be this kind of friend to my friends for one man has shown me that being such a friend is what humanity needs to show the brutes humans are better off.

(The End)


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