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Their Business Picked Up During the Recession #4


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When we were single we can decide not to eat in the morning until the evening time, or not even eat anything a day except may be depending on what we have prepared before, but this was not the case as married couples, because if one says he wants to do something the

Partner may not have the mind of doing that. Marriage as it is said involves losing one’s rights and being at the middle for both of us to enjoy each other, and for our marriage to work. We have to lose our rights and reach lovers’ compromise status to keep our marriage

Up and running. It was not long after this that your mother takes in, and since she has taken in, she needs to be attending antenatal care and special consideration would be on her and the baby in her uterus. Buying of medications for her upkeep and other preparations for

The childbirth started gulping our money, and since we do not have other source of income this affects the growth of the business. However this is a needful journey it could not be backed out from, soon your mother gives birth to our first child. The new member added

To the family also comes with new responsibilities and demands. These we need to be meeting with. In meeting with this, the working capital of the business starts plummeting and we have to be relying on loans for the sustenance of our business which was not like that

When we were single doing our businesses because there was no responsibilities as this. As additional children are being added that is additional responsibilities which cannot be passed on to someone else. It was in this position that we give birth to your elder siblings. Six

Months after you were given birth to, there was a coup detat in the republic and the military accuse the politicians of misappropriation of funds, embezzlements, and other things, therefore they claim that they will change the currencies of the island within seven days,

Because they have heard the information that some of the politicians do not save the embezzled monies in banks nor convert them to hard currencies, thence in an attempt to get them, they have decided that the money would be changed and anyone who wants to change

Money that is more than ten million of the republic’s currencies would have to explain and justify the source of such money being with him at home and not being routed through the banks. Through this means some people were arrested and those who could justify

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Themselves were released while those who couldn’t were arraigned by the economic and corrupt practices agencies to the law court. Some of the politicians that people of the republic have believed would be apprehended were never apprehended because they have known how

To play their cards and they have played it well, because some of them have carried the money through the porous borders to the neighboring republics where they have gone into agreement with some people who helped them to change the money, some who could not

Carry the money out of the republic have converted the money to another thing like landed properties, buying of houses, cars among other things. Through this means they have reduced the cash on them. In the meanwhile, the United Nations have condemned the coup-

detat and sanctioned the republic asking those military people to return the leadership of the republic back to the politicians, government of the people by the people and for the people. The sanctioning affected the currency of the republic and there was recession. When

The leaderships of the republic noticed that the United Nations leaderships have sanctioned them, and they have heard the news of how some of the politicians have eloped through the republic’s borders, they have issued out order that the borders of the republic be

Closed to anything, nothing even flies should pass without duly checked. The closure of the border makes life difficult for the citizens coupled with the sanctioning of the United Nations and there was inflation and recession. As the military leaderships claim that the

Leaderships of other nations do not know what is obtainable in the country and they cannot be taught how to lead and govern the people, the hardship of the people grow while the military appeals to all who love the republic to be patient with them to flush out the

Palmerworms and cankerworms that are eating the fabrics of the economy of the country. The people of the republic really love that because those politicians have become a thorn in the flesh of the populace, they molest and do whatever they like in the republic with

Impunity. If that is what it takes to deal with them, the people have said they support what they were doing and really do not mind what the outside world feels and does about the republic. As business persons, our lives changed during this period because we have stocked

Our store with goods before the change in power comes. Thus what were bought when our currency has not depreciated were sold at high prices during the period of the depreciation of the republic’s currency. Through this means, we were able to bounce back to

Our feet business wise, repaying all loans and begin to live a better life, raised our children, and give them qualitative education at the time they needed it most. He was thankful for the history of the business that was shared with him. After the sharing of the

Story the condition of the man’s health worsens and it was certain that he has limited days to live. He died a week after this….



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on January 05, 2021:

Okay, I will work on your suggestions.

Amarachi Nkwoada from Nigerian on January 04, 2021:

Hi, your Bio did not quite befit the storyline. Also there were too much paragraphing & absent of pictures that fits the storyline.

Also, your work can be improved when you write in American or British kind of spoken English.

Also there should be a blend between, common English and not so common English