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The Promise


Hi friend! So today I decided to share with you a short story I'm working on. I hope you enjoy it. I will like to hear your thoughts.


The Promise

I remember the first time I held It in my little arms.

I was so inquisitive to know how a baby doll could feel this warm and soft in my arms,

Until mother tells me the "It" is my little sister.

She is not a doll after all, but a girl like me.

Mother told me that it was the round melon(I love watermelons) in her tummy that she delivers,

Which in turn happens to be the tiny baby in my arms.

She is so beautiful to look at (that is, when she is not pooing and crying).

I don't understand why she sleeps most of the day and refuse to sleep at night.

I ask father if she's an owl that does not sleep at night, like the story he use to tell me,

But he only chuckles, saying I was once like that too (I find it very difficult to believe).

The day of her naming ceremony arrives and they call her, Áduké, meaning "the one they all cherish".

I guess the name is very befitting to her, because father and mother now spends all their time with her now.

It must be nice, being the one everybody cherish and love.

Mother says I'm now a big sister now, made me promise to always look out for my sister.

I should not make her cry, or allow anybody to, because she is to be cherished.

At three I don't even understand what I was getting myself into,

does it mean I will be giving her all my food? Share my toys with her?, but I promised anyway.

So with my little hand raised, I

promised to take care of Aduke, with everything in my power, I will love and cherish her.

© 2021 Adekitan

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