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The Great Gatsby: One of Greatest Books All Time

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The beginning of a new era- the modern era.

You can find "The Great Gatsby" in the top 100, 20, or even the 10 greatest works in the world on any polling site, which amazes me quite a bit because of the impression doesn't seem like much to me. However, after thinking about it for a while, I somewhat understood the reason. That is because of the classics and topicality of the content being conveyed, the work is a historical marker for the beginning of a new era - the modern era.

Prosperity and frivolity are present in every era, but in each period, there are differences in form and intrinsic nature. If before that vanity was represented by falsehood, hypocrisy, and excessive indulgence in the artistic aspects of the aristocracy, in modern times we find extreme luxury and confusion naked and meaningless vulgarity created by the rich. That is, there is a promotion in both content and form. Indulgence in the pleasures that material things bring causes the human personality to degrade to the extreme. If in the past people still tried to put on the "moral" shirt, today they completely stripped it, exposing their true face shamelessly.

Remember the parties that Gatsby created, so many people came to attend in a very natural way, they dressed to eat and have fun even though they were not invited and did not know the owner's face. Those people they come and go like passengers gathered at the stations, it's all fleeting, it's ambiguity, they don't care about the people they hang out with or talk to. I see in it an emptiness, all sounds, all hysterical dances as if emanating from lifeless bodies. Or like the party in the room that Tom's lover organized, the character "I" - Nick felt like he was lost in a misty and illusory, each person suddenly disappeared and suddenly appeared, a moment of them. joyfully, for a moment they quarrel and then become violent and cry, and then revel in their fun. In the end, after all, nothing remains.

In that fantasy background we see a prominent figure, that is Gatsby, like many other people, he has an endless desire to be integrated into the elite. From an early age, despite his humble background, he believed that success and wealth were his destiny, something he had to achieve by all means. In one accident, he was lucky, he was led into the elite, he found love, but then he lost it, and then he tried to find it again, although quite late. In this incident, the pitiful thing was that Gatsby looked up to that high world as a paradise, something deified. But that's also why he still retains the innocence, the inherent beauty of the soul. Gatsby is like a moth running towards the moonlight or the fire, and his son doesn't know that he will never be able to reach the moon no matter how hard he tries, he doesn't know the fire he's in. rush in and it will burn it to death.

It would be a huge omission not to talk about the love Gatsby had for Daisy – a girl with a rich background. For Gatsby, Daisy is like the heart of the light, he adores that love to the point of shaking his soul. Remember that what Gatsby is after is not material possessions or lowly passions, he is pursuing a world that is being deified by himself, perhaps on the way of wandering he gradually sees his true nature. of that world, but that first love still burns fiercely. It's just... he doesn't understand that the original innocence of Daisy that he encountered before is now gone, because she has lived so long in that frivolous world, her soul has changed, has been sharpened. worn out, metamorphosed. We can't blame Daisy either, because that's what has to happen inevitably that this era brings. And a sad ending is the inevitable consequence, that world will kill Gatsby because he doesn't belong, not that he doesn't deserve it but it doesn't deserve him.

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What about the Classics?

The happenings with each character in the story make us think that they all seem to be participating in a machine and are governed by great laws from a certain almighty God, which can be called destiny. The eyes on the Pano are like God's eyes looking down at the world coldly and indifferently, or it is also the eyes of the society that inadvertently witnesses everything but does nothing.

What about the classics? Take a good look at Gatsby, that's what we are. What he's after is what we're after. One day we frantically read "Self Help" or “The secrets of success”, we make so many plans, we rush into the future with eagerness, but what we find is back. They are not what we think they are, they are not as beautiful as a dream, they are crudely and nakedly ordinary. Some people will give up, others will compromise and lose themselves, a few will succeed and keep the spirit like Gatsby but I am afraid an ending like yours is inevitable. Well! That is to say pessimistically the way the author looks at life. However, it is also a fact that we must accept.

That said, it all depends on what each one of us finds. How the word "success" is defined. There are many valuable works like this one, the authors have shown us where the true values ​​are, where the fire pits should not be jumped. It's a pity if you don't read it, and don't complain if you already know and still want to jump in. May we always keep the same passion and enthusiasm as Gatsby, and blessed are those who do not choose the path that Gatsby has chosen.

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