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The Words That Stabbed Salman Rushdie

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


Every writer in the world
Know. Words can be hurtful
which one of you. He was not hurt by his lover
A friend, neighbor, or relative
Or responsible or or
At the top of the tweets
hurtful words
Then at the bottom of the tweets
Why did they stab him with a knife?
not be him. He hurt them with his words
I am not with violence
And not with murder
And there is no religion in the world
tolerate the killer
Or incite a fight?
This is from one side
on the other side
who killed 2pac
Who killed John F. Kennedy?
When you are a writer
And defend a certain principle
You will have enemies
From the Muslims...from the FBI.
From. American fanatics
from the mafia
From the President team
from the Russians
From .fashion models
you are a writer
you criticize them
Are you waiting for their love? Please
if you like. Being a simple writer
Write stories for children
Write about an artist's smile
You want to be on top
And you don't want them to hurt you
come on
You don't live in a dream
You live on planet earth
Believe me or give me a million
And Don't write violently about religion
you don't believe in it
There are those who believe in it
freedom of believe

He didn't attack you first

You attacked them with letters

Like what I do now

and listen
There are sites. when you write about them
They will suspend membership

Only sites not religion
And hear me well
Words really hurt

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© 2022 tabouche amin

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