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The Words of Acid Attacked Girl

If a girl didn't accept the love of a boy.
The boy threw acid on the
girl's can imagine,how painful the life is !

No one should have the right to ruin the life of other. if some one disagree to accept and fulfill our desire the we should not destroy a innocent liife .

Hence, the acid attacked girl asked the boy a few lines.


Let's leave,what you have done

Now tell me my fault

you were expressing your love
and i refused

just on that
you destroy
my face....

it was probably my fault
I could not understand your deep love
Perhaps,your love was so auspicious
that I could not understand that
now,i admit my mistake
Will you accept me now?
Will you make me yours now?

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Will you caress my face now?
On which there are blisters now
Will you look into my eyes?
which have now sunk in
whose eyelids are all burnt
Will you run your fingers on my cheeks?
The blisters on which the water now comes out

yes! may be you will
Is your love real,isn't it?
good! tell me one thing
Where did this idea of ​​'acid attack' come from?
did someone tell you?
Or did it come in your own mind?
how do you feel now
By burning me?
or more than
Even more manly..?

you know
only my face is burnt now,
the body is still safe
Let's give you an advice
build an acid pool
then make me to jump in it
when i will burn completely
then may be your love in me
will be more deeper and truer


there is a pray from the God
In the next life
May the god make me your daughter
and i'll pray that
May i get a father who love me

Just like you once again.

Perhaps,you'll understand again
that just because of your misdeeds
how much pain

me and my family have faced

you ruined my whole life !

Thanks !

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