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The Weather and the Moments That Are Spent There.


weather is so precious gift to all of us its pleasant environment makes happy


clouds come floating into my life

no longer to carry rain or usher storm

but to add color to my sunset sky


Since there are small and big blessings in this universe. Similarly, weather is also a blessing. There are usually five types of seasons, one of which is the rainy season. Everyone loves the weather and there's a reason they like it. Most people in the world like the rainy season. The rainy season is one of the most beautiful blessings. It is a pleasant season and makes people happy.

The secret hidden in the clouds is whether it will rain or not. When the clouds cover the sky, the weather looks pleasant, but this scene looks very beautiful. There is no difference between morning and afternoon. The beautiful evening is visible because of the beautiful clouds. If the raindrops start falling by the will of God, the scenery becomes more beautiful. When this water falls on the plants, a beautiful scene is presented.

If the cold wind blows, people's moods change. Everyone looks happy with each other. And as far as the dark clouds are concerned, they are clear that it will rain today and we can see at night, and the dangerous thing is that when lightning strikes the clouds at night, they also become violent and frightened. . And when it rains, the weather, the environment, the people, the animals, the plants are all happy.

Who doesn't love bathing in the rain? Everyone cooks a variety of food and enjoys it to the fullest. When it rains in the evening, we often miss people who are close to our hearts but far from us. Our hearts want them to be with us now. We don't miss anyone in our busy lives, but the rainy season is the season that brings together the memories of those around us.

Plants Become Happy in the Rain

Cool air after rain makes the atmosphere more pleasant. Seeing the plants and trees, it seems that they are dancing happily. The smell of sand makes the atmosphere more peaceful and pleasant. The poet loves the weather and writes beautiful poems looking at plants and the environment.


The Rainy Season Makes The Birds Happy

With the arrival of the rainy season, the joy of the birds is worth seeing. The bird expresses its joy in its beautiful voices. They fly freely in the sky and tell people that it is raining in our city. When it rains, the birds try to hide in rooftops and houses. Birds enjoy it in the shadow of dark clouds.


Importance of Rainy Days

As stated earlier, rainy days are enjoyed by people of all ages. The kids are probably the most excited lot of all. Rainy days bring pleasant weather and uplift the moods of kids. Moreover, it gives them a chance to step out and Play in the rain, jump in the puddles and make paper boats.

Similarly, for students, a rainy day means a break from school. It gives them a break from their monotonous routine as the school declares a holiday. The joy of going to school on a rainy day enjoying the weather and then realizing the school is closed is one of a kind experience. The students become relaxed and spend their day doing other activities like going out with friends and more.

If we look at rainy days from the perspective of a common man, we see how it brings them relief from the heat. It changes their mood and also their dull routine. In other words, rainy days give them a chance for rejuvenation amidst the stress.

Most importantly, we see rainy days are of utmost importance for farmers. It is quite essential for the production of crops. It provides them with adequate water to make their crops flourish which will eventually benefit them.

My Rainy Day Experience

When I think of rainy days, it brings back very special memories for me. However, one memory is such which is the closest to my heart. I remember our teacher scheduled a test for us when it started raining heavily.

I woke up in the morning with the fear of taking the test for which I was not prepared. I prayed to God for the cancellation of the test. As I was getting ready, it started raining heavily. I got dressed up and went to school with my father, and to my surprise, we came to know the school was closed that day due to a rainy day.

I was on top of the world when I came to know about it. I returned with my father and came back then undressed. Immediately, I changed into my home clothes to go f\and bathe in the rain on my terrace. I played with my siblings a lot in the rain; we made paper boats as well. After we were done, we saw that my mother was making onion fritters. She served them burning hot with chili chutney. We relished the fritters as we watched the rainfall. It was truly one of the most memorable rainy days of mine.

  • Among all the seasons, I like the Rainy season the most.
  • Today is a rainy day- it has been raining all day long.
  • My friends and I went to the playground and played there while it was raining.
  • In the evening, we also saw a huge rainbow formed in the sky.
  • The streets are full of water because of the rain.
  • On rainy days, my friends and I prepare paper boats and make them float in the water.
  • I love the smell of earth when it rains after a sunny day.
  • Rain makes the weather so pleasant, refreshing and cool.
  • I like getting wet in rains.
  • I enjoy eating hot fries on rainy days.

Rainy Season

Rainy Season, or the wet season, is one among the four seasons when the region’s average rainfall is achieved. It is generally caused due to changes in the flow of winds and other geological factors. Generally, the rainy season brings much-needed relief from the extreme heat of the preceding summer season, replenishing the rivers and lakes. Plants that were previously wilted spring to life in the rainy season.

Animals are also active during the rainy season. This is the season where farmers look forward to, as rain becomes the saving grace for their crops.

However, the season also has the potential to bring about large scale destruction if preventive measures are not taken. Floods, hurricanes, storms and other water-related natural calamities usually occur during the rainy season

Essay on Rainy Season for Students and Kids in English

An essay about Rainy season is an important topic for students of primary and lower primary classes. Moreover, it is easy to secure more marks for an essay if students prepare well and deliver their essays in an organized manner. Doing so should not be hard with the following tips and tricks. Rainy Season is the most amazing season of the year.

These tips and tricks will help students to write the perfect essay on the rainy season or any other topic. Furthermore, these guidelines will help students to improve their general writing and presentation skills for higher classes or future competitive exams.

Seasons are the part of a year. Most of the areas have four seasons, in some areas, there are a different number of seasons. In India the monsoons occur from as follows:

  1. Summer Season (March to May)
  2. Rainy Season (June to September)
  3. Spring Season (October to November)
  4. Winter Season (December To February)

Essay on Rainy Season Guidelines and Writing Tips

  • When starting the essay, always include an introductory paragraph stating the topic’s history or any pertinent background information.
  • An academic essay must always employ a formal style of writing. Slang must be avoided at all costs.
  • Avoid jargon – these words reduce the clarity of the sentence. For technical essays, jargon is accepted.
  • Always present content in small, digestible chunks
  • Always organize the essay with subheadings
  • Use bullet points wherever required
  • Include specifics – such as names, places, dates. This will provide more clarity and context to the essay.
  • Always use a concluding paragraph when ending the essay.
  • If time permits, read through the essay before submission. This will help students eliminate most spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The rainy season, also called the “wet season”, is the time of the year when a region’s average rainfall occurs. In India, the rainy season starts in June and ends in September. Along with the looming clouds, the rainy season is characterized by high humidity and strong winds.

When the rainy season occurs, animals have to retreat to higher ground as the risk of flooding increases. Plant growth also gets affected as excessive rainfall washes away essential minerals and nutrients in the soil. In severe cases, soil erosion can occur.

From an perspective, the rainy season brings about its down dangers. Poisonous reptiles such as snakes will seek higher ground, often entering homes to seek refuge from the floods. Crocodile nests also increase following the rains. Global warming has also led to an increase in the incidence of floods.

Essay on Rainy Season 300 Words

Essay on Rainy Season: The rainy season is commonly called the “wet season”. In the Indian subcontinent, it is called the “Monsoon” season. Elsewhere, the term “green season” is also used as a euphemism. Typically, the rainy season lasts at least a month; in India, the season begins from June and ends in September. Strong winds and spells of rain are the most common characteristics of the rainy season.

Essay on Rainy Season Definition

According to the Climate classification, rainy seasons are defined as months where the average precipitation (rainfall) is at least 60 millimeters. Regions have months that categorize the rainy season (such as the Mediterranean, which have dry summers and wet winters.) Interestingly, there is no such month (or rainy season) in tropical rain forests as their rainfall is equally distributed throughout the year.

Impact on Humans and Ecological Implications

Historically, people have always associated the rainy season with the growth of vegetation. However, from an agricultural perspective, food crops do not reach their full maturity and it can cause food shortages in some parts of the world.

During this season, an increase in the incidence of malaria and other waterborne diseases is also observed. The sudden onset of monsoon can also make people prone to other diseases such as jaundice, typhoid, and cholera.

Some animals, such as cows give birth during this season. Some species of butterflies, such as the Monarch butterfly migrate from Mexico. Some reptiles and amphibians also start nesting during this period. Animals that live underground also move to higher grounds in order to avoid flooding.

Excessive rains can lead to flooding which can erode soil and wash away essential minerals and nutrients. This impacts plant growth and development. Moreover, some poisonous reptiles may seek refuge by entering human homes.

Essay on Rainy Season Conclusion

In conclusion, the rainy season is characterized by at least 60 millimeters of rainfall or precipitation. It is also the season where some animals such as cows give birth. Certain amphibians and reptiles are also observed nesting during this season.

Rainy Season Essay 10 Lines

  1. Rainy Season is the most amazing season of the year.
  2. The rainy season is the season of joy and happiness.
  3. Women at home cook delicious dishes at home especially spicy items during the rainy season and serve family members.
  4. Heavy rains destroy crops and cause floods.
  5. Children enjoy this season to the utmost, they take shower, float paper boats and dive in the water of rain.
  6. All water bodies often get full of water, the rivers that dry get plenty of water.
  7. All plants and trees become green and greenery makes the environment more beautiful.
  8. The rainy season has always influenced poets and writers, especially poets compose poetry on the beauty of nature.
  9. Animals look very happy and enjoy the rainy season as men do.
  10. The black and dark clouds cover the sky for hours in the rainy season.

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