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The Warrior Inside of Me

The warrior inside of me will never stop fighting will never give up and will always overcome every obstacle and every challenge


The warrior inside of me

As I was born into this world that I did not ask to be born in the parents that I had that I did not choose to have but if I could have choose it wouldn't have been them the warrior inside of me the wolf that drives me that motivates me that keeps me hungry for a better and brighter future the scars that I have will never go away but I will live with them like I was a wild wolf in the wilderness my pack will be full of nothing but successful people the meat that I hunt for will be nothing but knowledge I will stalk and watch my prey to destroy my enemy of doubt of worry of insecurities I will no longer be controlled by another person's perception of me and I will no longer fear the one that I look at in the mirror I will love the one that I look at in the mirror I look up to the sky in the middle of the night with the moon shining so bright and tears coming down my face as I scream at the Moon as if I was a wolf howling at the moon I will be great one day I will be somebody I will find my way

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Ajamblr ajamblr (author) from Los Angeles California on September 05, 2021:

Thank you ❤️

OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on September 05, 2021:

We all are begotten by Parents we had no choice on... However the warriors inside of us keep us going despite all odds moving us on the path of success... Good work Ajamblr

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