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The truth of my life

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The mirror which exactly shows the flaws in me, i see it through my eyes but it directly strikes in between. whatever is in present is a misery but all i am thinking is about my future which cannot be foreseen. The mistakes which i am doing and keep on doing is poisoning my future, the fruits which i will get from my deeds will be worst than what i have today. I am not asking for much, I am not liking it though, the things what i have realised gonna ripped my heart away. Still i can see the signs, still i can see the light and will never give up till the last breath of my life...

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Optimistic Dreamer from Mirage World on June 26, 2021:

Pain, Reality and Hope.. (Beautiful Expression)

Shelvi (author) from Calcutta on April 15, 2021:


Jason Nicolosi from AZ on April 15, 2021:

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This reminds me of a song called:

"Who You Are"

by Jessie J

It's a great song, you should check it out. I think you'll like it. Anyhow great job!

The art work is also beautiful.

Neha mishra jain on April 17, 2020:


Unknown on April 17, 2020:

Beautiful wordings... Really very amazing

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