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The Timid Cub of the Lion

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The timid cub of the lion


Once a hunter caught a tiger cub from the forest. The cub was tiny and was drinking its mother's milk. The hunter brought it to his home. The hunter's cubs were very happy to see the little tiger and started playing with it.
After some time the tiger cub got hungry, he was so small that he did not know how to eat anything, only milk was his food.
The hunter was worried about what to do now. Because he knew that the lion cub was still very young and could not drink anything but milk. Finally, a trick came to his mind. left with his goat.
The goat also had small children.
The lion cub soon mingled with the goat cub.


The baby lion would join them when the baby goats went to the mother to drink milk. Thus, the baby lion started breeding and growing with the baby goats.

He gradually turned into their color, he looked like a lion, but all his habits and traits were like those of goats. In this way, the lion cub grew up with the goats, so he was a lion. But he was not brave like other lions, but timid.

One day the village was attacked by wolves. As the hunter's house was near the forest, some wolves entered the hunter's house. The hunter had gone somewhere at that time. Wolves attacked the goat kids, and suddenly they saw the lion, so they started running away in fear, but when they saw that the lion neither attacked nor attacked them. So they got bold and tore the kids to pieces.


Although the lion cub had become a big lion, he did not have the same abilities as lions. He stood watching everything and could not fight them. The wolves attacked and retreated and the lion stood there.
After some time, the hunter returned home and was surprised to see that despite the presence of the lion, the wolves had attacked and torn the goats apart and the lion could not do anything.
He was very shocked. He had left the lion cub with the goats thinking that he would be of use to them in trouble, but he did not know that his own abilities would be lost while living with the goat. If he had lived in the forest with the lions, then he would have been accustomed to hunting like them and he would have been brave like them.

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The hunter thought that while living here, this lion is completely useless because it can't even guard or protect his animals, so there is no use for him to stay here anymore, so why not return him to the forest? should be released so that while living with his companions, the same heroic qualities will develop in him. Thinking this, the hunter took the tiger with him and released him back into the forest.

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