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The Thrill of the Chase!

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.


Much of human behavior, thought, and devotion arises from the need to belong. The same applies to love a person who shows no interest in you. It appears rejection leads to increased wants. But for many, after they gain their demand, it is no longer an aspiration. I am convinced that most will share my view when I say people want what they cannot have. It is as if rejection leads to increased desire and the feeling of being hooked—sort of like the thrill of the chase.

Several vital things make us human. These characteristics are to love, to be loved, and to be respected. Of these three essential needs, the two features that secure humans are a strong desire to love and have love in return. One of the best-kept secrets of being happy is tantamount to love and being loved. But few of us realize that we have a deep desire to love and have someone love us in return.

I say that we only find love once in a lifetime. Although, some will fall in love with at least three people during their life span. I believe humans need each of these loves for a distinguished reason. Of the three loves, the first love is the one that will appear to be the love that feels right. The second love is the one that will teach us lessons on how we desire to be loved. Most of the time, it is love that hurts through manipulation, pain, or lies. The third love is the one we will not see coming. It is the one that will last forever and will be worthwhile if the two communicate and trust each other.

There is a quote that says, “It is only in the heart that one can see rightly, and what is essential is invisible to the eye.” I believe this proverb explains that seeing is not even physical activity but a matter of the heart. We choose to love who we do or can love to sneak up on us without notice? From the above statement, I propose we do not decide when or with whom to fall in love; instead, love happens to us.

It is safe to say most of us probably heard the phrase “there is a thin line between love and hate.” Two of the most powerful emotions that humans can experience are love and hate. Everyone is helpless to have such mixed sensation. Tristan, a man who loved Rachel with all his heart and soul, was vulnerable to a love-hate relationship. He kept getting hurt by the one woman he loves with all his heart and soul.

The idiom “the straw that broke the camel’s back” describes the action Rachel took that cause an unpredictable reaction from Tristan, and it led to a love-hate relationship. Tristan is not the love-them and leave-them type guy, but he not in agreement with an untrustworthy relationship.

This is the story of how an inspired romance of an old love rekindled. Tristan Love is a 25-year-old model and designer who thousands adore, but in High school, he only had eyes for one woman–Rachel James. She was the first girl Tristan ever loved. He met her in third grade, and as a child the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew then, ‘He Only had eyes for her.’

When you only have eyes for one person, no matter who is in front of you, it is as if they are invisible. A powerful love is like running water. You can shut it off, but it turns on the moment you pull the handle. That is the type of love that Tristan had for Rachel. She has disappointed and disrespects him over and over.

Tristan loved Rachel since third grade. He has spent many years longing to love her. The two ran upon each other in the shopping mall three weeks ago, and Tristan’s heart has longed to be near Rachel ever since. She found herself in a relationship that was slowly draining all her energy and killing her softly. Tristan assists her in feeling alive again and gave her back her worth. Rachel acknowledges her love for Tristan and made him the happiest man alive.

After six months of dating, Tristan found himself in a relationship with a woman who was not a good fit for him, and she was downright bad for him. It is easy to stay in a relationship with someone you love with all your heart, even when you know deep down the relationship will not last. Tristan desires to share a relationship with Rachel that flows like water. One that is resilient to handle any circumstances that arise and nothing can stand against it. He did not desire a relationship that like a storm, but the type that is quiet of peace in harmony.


Brad is Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, and he sees her as a treasure hunt. A chest that full of gold coins, beautiful jewelry, and jewels found after a long search. He is the mix of Tristan and Rachel’s relationship pretending he misses her and life is not worth living without her. She can’t see through his false statement and not the woman that Tristan can love unconditionally. Tristan loves without limit, but Rachel returns with limits and desires to fight over petty things. He is yet to realize that the relationship is not worth having.

Tristan craves a relationship that flows like a waterfall. One that will continue to flow, and when the heart is full; it releases anything that goes against it. He desires a bond that non like a ship without a sail, one that does not have control of what day it is, or if life comprises dark or light.

Love is a game for Brad. He loves an enjoyable challenge and feels like there isn’t a woman he can’t get. When Rachel ends the relationship to get with Tristan, Brad came after Rachel full steam with loving words and many romantic gestures. He even came across as he loves her so much he can’t wait to shout from the rooftops how much he loves her.

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When you in a romantic relationship, it can be so entertaining to send flirty texts. It is a lot of fun to cuddle with a passionate partner. The human touch behind it is one of the most amazing feelings anyone can experience. But when you have a deep feeling for someone who is not in love with you, it is time to ask yourself, do you doubt your relationship? Plus, it is sad to think you are in a relationship when the reality is you are not.

Life is short—why waste it being miserable? Cherish every moment; love the people who love you, do the things you love, and do it with someone who appreciates you or values you. Live life fully, and if you are not happy with something, change it.

We have only one life, it essential to make sure it is good. If only Rachel saw it that way, she returns to a relationship that will make her miserable. Some relationships are worth your time, others not, and it can leave you to feel worthless as if you have no worth. That is the connection Rachel shared with Brad. She did not learn when something is keeping you ‘small’ and diluting your strength. You are better off without it.

It is normal to have chemistry in the early stages of falling for someone, but once the piercing is over, so is the relationship. Most people confuse chemical feelings for authentic connection, but many would argue that infatuation comes from a physical attraction. Rachel fell in love with Brad. She desires attention, affection, validation, and fulfillment from him; only he in love with the chase and will not commit to her.

Tristan loves Rachel with his whole heart and soul, but he will not allow her to take away his worth. He understands a healthy relationship will provide a solid base from which to explore the world. It helps to achieve the best. Meanwhile, Brad only sees the excitement you feel when you are just trying to gain something difficult. He desires to stifle a creative, passionate mind and keep her where he can maintain control. It is the thrill of the chase.

There is a proverb that says. “A good man is hard to find.” I agree with this adage, so if you have a loyal man, a good relationship never gives it up for infatuation that will not work. While most of you will agree it is hard to find a good man, we all know women who will settle for a deadbeat loser over a guy who will love them unconditionally. Here is to the one wondering why women with such high standards fall for toxic men. It has nothing to do with low standards or weakness. It is because pathologically self-centered guys want a powerful woman who has a lot to give. So, they can prey on them.

I believe most will share my view when I say a man like Brad will never commit to Rachel. And perhaps you may not understand how a woman like Rachel fell in love with someone like Brad. Well, research says that talented and successful women are the most likely to become “addicted” to toxic men, and the one you never expect to fall for a man who treats her wrong is usually the one who does.


Rachel chose Brad over Tristan, a man who would have cherished and loved her forever. Decision-making is an essential part of everyday life and something that a child should learn from infancy. Brad approached Rachel, a woman in a relationship with Tristan. The ex-boyfriend confesses his love for his ex-girlfriend, placing her in a position to determine who to love. A decision that will either make the situation better or worse. The decision made will be a change that will alter her life forever.

Decision-making is something everyone does when they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night. Some may not know they are deciding in some situations. Various see their lives go in the wrong direction and blame others. However, when you realize the significance of making your own decisions, you understand you can change the way your life unfolds. That is why decision-making is so vital.

At some point, we will do stupid things, hurt the people we love, make decisions that can destroy us, and see problems that are not present. The damage lies in the subtlety and the approach we engender daily, but my advice to any woman who finds themselves in the same position Rachel faced. Never settle for a relationship where you are the only person contributing to it.

If you take a case scenario and examine Rachel's choice, you will learn she negatively approaches the decision. If she opts for looking at things from a much more positive stance, then her emotional strength and the outcome would have been different. Rachel chooses Brad, a guy who lost interest after, as the thrill of the chase is over. She chooses romantic attractions over a guy who loved her unconditionally to learn Brad no longer desired a woman with zero mystery.

When you focus on finding a guy very charming in a complex situation, you will. But by the time you see his true colors, it too late. More than likely, Rachel regrets the decision she made, and the consequences that she will suffer are a direct result of a wrong decision. A poor decision to a vital choice in life serves little purpose. It only places a cloud over your life that you cannot easily remove. You deserve to have someone love you as much as you love them. Because if not, you will find yourself hurt and stress to learn the thrill of the chase has conned you.

© 2021 Pam Morris


MG Singh emge from Singapore on April 08, 2021:

This is a nice article on love. I couldn't agree with you more on this. However, everything is not a straight line and some people remain in love all their life.

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