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God Loves Fun - Enlightenment from a child on a beach...

Nothing is random though everything seems so!

Nothing is random though everything seems so!

Moment of Truth with a switch...

Very often, the most profound truths seem to come in one sudden flash. It is akin to putting on a light in a dark room. Just because the room has been dark for years does not mean that it will not get lit in a moment. This moment of truth can happen anywhere and at any time. And yes, it can happen to anyone. Strangely, you have to make that effort to realize that you are in the dark and then make efforts to grope around to find the switch. When you will find the switch is anybody’s guess, but once you find it, en’light’enment is not far!

I found a the switch to a tiny little bulb on one fine morning at the beach.

The story...

As I lazily sat on the warm and deserted sands of the beach, my gaze fell upon the little child playing with the sand. He was all alone and though a huge expanse of golden sand separated him from me, the silence was so deep that I could hear his feet crunching on the dry sands. The swishing of the waves seemed to provide some sort of a background melody to his little play. He had a spring in his step and a cherubic smile on his face. I wondered what on earth made him so happy. I got up from my place and went a bit closer. I settled in this new spot from where I could observe him better.

He was kneeling down and gleefully throwing the sand up in the air. I thought that maybe he was digging for something - a clam or a shell maybe? But then, why was he throwing the sand up in the air? Maybe he was crazy. But why was he digging so furiously at that spot? Questions swarmed my mind but I was too lazy to think. I just allowed the thoughts a free flow as I observed the antics of the lad.

He presently began to pile up the sand into a little mound in front of him. The mound slowly grew in size till a dune formed and almost threatened to block my view of him. And all of a sudden, an intense concentration swept across his face. He seemed to be shaping and making something. What was he making? And why?

Time passed and the outlines of a castle began to emerge in the dune. A central dome came up and he built two neat peripheral towers. But then, he did not seem to care much about the other two towers which he made in haste with the least care. It seemed so strange and I wondered as to how someone who had made two towers so perfectly could suddenly become so carefree and careless?

He was now giving the gateway-like structure all his attention.

I was no longer lazing now. I was actively thinking what was the child up to. Bits and pieces of the puzzle that I had set for myself began to fall in place. I thought that if I kept observing for some more time, I would be able to comprehend his whole idea.

The boy suddenly stopped working and began to giggle. I wondered what made him laugh. He began to walk away from his half complete castle. And there he stood, watching his creation in joy and wonder. The castle was not complete and felt imperfect. But one look at his face and you knew that there could be nothing more satisfying, wholesome and perfect that what he had created.

And then, it happened...

Where all the elements meet, can inspiration be far away?

Where all the elements meet, can inspiration be far away?

GOD - It is indeed an acronym

He came tearing down towards the castle and in one dreadful moment razed the entire structure down to earth, making it bite the dust literally and figuratively. I was shocked at this terrible act of indiscretion.

Why did he do that? For what purpose was all his efforts if he only wanted to pull it down in the end? How could he … … ...My mind was a whirlpool of questions. When I just seemed to understand what he was doing, everything had gone haywire! Everything now seemed incomprehensible and chaotic.

The child stood triumphantly on the ruins of what was a decent castle. He had a huge smile plastered on his face and he said aloud, “Gee! That was fun!”

“No! That was stupidity and rubbish...”, I screamed within myself.

And then, I found the switch.

The Divine Child we call God, plays on the sands of time - building, chiseling and destroying - all for fun. Yes! (G)eneration, (O)rganization and (D)estruction is what GOD stands for and they are all done for fun! It is not simply that it is said, “Doing anything is child’s play for God!”

It is indeed a child’s play...

The best I can do is simply watch and be grateful for the opportunity that I have got to watch the Divine Child playing...

Is it not amazing that the beginning and end of a day look and feel the same?

Is it not amazing that the beginning and end of a day look and feel the same?

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Loani on August 31, 2014:

Waw! So deep, brother Aravind! But yes, it is like that. Have you not build something and just enjoyed destroy it as much as building it when a child? I enjoy looking at children and just observing everyone that's how the Lord's greatest mysterys are unveiled before us.

Aravind Balasubramanya (author) from Puttaparthi, India on September 06, 2012:

Thank you Mr.Happy for the visit and comment... Thank you more so for that lovely video... It has been edited and put together in such a manner that even calms the viewer... Profound truths are best conveyed when the recipient is relaxed! :)

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The world we perceive is the world we see - we have to feed the 'white wolf' and not the 'dark wolf'! :)


Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on September 06, 2012:

My friends and I would spend endless hours building snow-castles and/or snow-men, when we were kids and many times we would pulverize them soon after. It was fun: an experience amongst many.

This article together with the many comments people have left over the course of nine months, has triggered many thoughts in my mind.

Mr. Spirit Whisperer's comment about "How could God create an imperfect world? How can we blame God for all the pain and suffering in this world?" are questions which many of us have asked ourselves. I think as You mentioned Mr. Aravind, that we need to know Darkness to know Light and vice-verse. I do not necessarily see this as a duality, I just see this as means of relation; pattern-building and manifestation.

Has this White Wolf ever shared the story about the "Two Wolves", with You:

Many thanks for another thoughtful read.


Aravind Balasubramanya (author) from Puttaparthi, India on August 28, 2012:

@ Sai Giridhar - Well put! I agree.... Life is all about "BE"ing in the present.... Having awareness....

And as you said, the "WHY" of God can never be understood.

Isn't that why our Swami says, "Love my uncertainity"?

sai giridhar on August 28, 2012:

Wonderful the way you were alive to the situation. In fact simply to observe every moment carefully can help us reach the "switch" quickly. Life/world is the greatest teacher. There are no answers to "why" when it comes to GOD. Why did Krishna allow the Yadavas to get self-destroyed? Why did He allow the Mahabharatha war? Why did Jesus go onto the cross? Jesus says Peter - if you wish to follow me where ever I am "deny yourself,carry the cross", implies "not my will my lord, THY Will be done", carrying the cross is to live in this body without ego... Pay rent and enjoy the movieshow thro' this body without getting attached to the theatre! Spirituality is simply to live life with awareness of every moment!

Aravind Balasubramanya (author) from Puttaparthi, India on August 28, 2012:

Exactly! Kids represent God on earth... In fact the innocently sweet smile of a baby comes closest to experiencing God! :)

Thank you for the visit

jayshreerajakumar on November 29, 2011:

awesome article.Very beautifully written !! I wonder God created kids to represent himself on this earth .This earth is worth living because of these little ones .In this fast moving life they bring smiles to our face.

htodd from United States on November 27, 2011:

Thanks aravinb1982 ..This is great write up

S.Nagarajan. on November 26, 2011:

The last para was superb. i was intuitively feeling that the episode will end in that fashion finally touching God's wisdom. Has not Swami told us "Love My Uncertainty. I am overwhelmed by the narration. saisarannaga

Aarthi on November 25, 2011:

Have you heard of the phrase 'Ignorance is bliss'? I guess we're all ignorant of God's masterplan and that's why everything seems to just exist. We're unable to comprehend the purpose. So, let us focus on being blissfully unaware. :) Everything will dawn upon us in a flash, in 'God's time'.

Jothi on November 25, 2011:

Interesting and well explained! Thanks.

Xavier Nathan from Isle of Man on November 25, 2011:

Aravindb said: "Isn't it so ironic that perfection exists only when imperfection exists! How could we comprehend light without darkness....."

You have perfectly described duality. There is no duality in God consciousness. There is only ONE! Duality is the work of the ego, how else can we perceive this illusory world?

Wow on November 25, 2011:

Good reading.

Aravind Balasubramanya (author) from Puttaparthi, India on November 25, 2011:

@ Spirit Whisperer - Isn't it so ironic that perfection exists only when imperfection exists! How could we comprehend light without darkness.....

Aravind Balasubramanya (author) from Puttaparthi, India on November 25, 2011:

@ Gita Amma - Sweet of you to encourage thus! Really, when I see things happening here, I get so powerfully reminded of what Swami used to say - Don't try to comprehend me, just enjoy everything like I enjoy everything!

@ Arpita - Swami does everything...Thank you for your sweet comment

@ Aarthi - I don't know what to say really. Sometimes it looks like everything has a purpose. At other times, I feel that everything simply 'exists' - no need of any purpose or reason for it....Its all in a flow....Well, the Truth is definitely beyond the realms of our mind but till it gets revealed, we could take things in a way that makes us remain happy. That was what Swami wanted us to be always - happy! :)

Xavier Nathan from Isle of Man on November 25, 2011:

How could God create an imperfect world? How can we blame God for all the pain and suffering in this world?

God did not create the world we perceive ...the ego did! It is the ego that interprets and judges.

God waits patiently behind the veil of maya for us to stop playing in the sands of the ego.

Sai Ram

Aarthi on November 24, 2011:

nice one! :) indeed, we think god is having a nice time creating, sustaining, and destroying universes, all at His will. but definitely, there is a purpose in all that He does!

Arpita Mallajosyula on November 24, 2011:

SAiram Aravind Anna..!! WOW! This lesson is so simple yet so profound.!! It has so much to teach us..!! This GOD concept was exactly what i taught my students a few weeks ago with a different explanation. I guess now i can give them this perspective too..!! Thanks for sharing this...!! Sairam :) :)

gita Kalyanaraman on November 24, 2011:

Adi Shankaracharya gave this revealation in his shloka'thatillekha thanveem....from Soundarya Lahiri that knowledge comes like a flash of lightning. It is not derived from logic!Think on...Aurobindo!

Aravind Balasubramanya (author) from Puttaparthi, India on November 24, 2011:

@ Jayanti Iyer - Seeing the current situation, I was reminded of this little note I had made in my diary, 5 years ago! :)

Jayanthi Iyer on November 24, 2011:

Sairam Very true!

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