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The Story of the Ox and the Donkey

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The story of the ox and the donkey

In one village lived a large landowner. God gave him many lands, large houses and gardens, where all kinds of fruits grew in their own seasons.In addition to cows and buffaloes; he had a good breed of ox and an Arabian donkey. The oxen plowed the fields, and the landlord rode on a donkey.Once a poor man came out to him wandering from somewhere. The landlord was a kind man. He kept the poor man with him. Very well arranged for her to eat and drink and live comfortably. A couple of days later, when the poor man started leaving, he said to the landlord, "Chaudhry! I will never forget the kindness you have shown me."You see, I am a poor man. I have nothing to offer you. Yes, I can understand the dialects of animals. I can teach you this knowledge if you wish, but you have to make a promise to me that you will never tell this secret to anyone, and also listen that if you tell this secret to anyone then live will not be able to stay. Chaudhry said: "Baba! I promise you that I will never tell this secret to anyone and I will remember this kindness of yours for the rest of my life."Well, the poor man taught him to understand the words of animals and beasts and left. The ox that the landlord had, he used to plow in the plow from morning till last afternoon.When he came home in the evening, he would be given straw to eat, but the donkey would get green grass and lentils.Poor Bell would watch all this and keep quiet. Time was passing like this. One day when the ox passed by the donkey on his way back from the fields, the donkey saw him limping and asked: "Brother, why are you walking lamely today?"

OX replied: "Donkey brother! I had a lot of work to do today.When I got tired, the servant would hit me hard on the back and legs. I have a leg injury. No! It has its own destiny. "

The donkey was silent and the bull went to his place. The landlord had to build a house for his servant where the ox was tied. A few days later, the landlord made a kharli for the ox near the donkey. When they had time, they would talk to each other. One day, seeing Bell sad and silent, the donkey asked him: "Bull brother! What's the matter? Why are you silent today? Do something. "

Bull said: "Donkey brother! What can I say? Today there are big sticks again."

The donkey said: "Brother Bell! You know the truth. I am very sad to see your dargat, but I am sorry that I cannot share your sadness.

Bell said: "Brother Donkey! You have told the truth. No one can share your sorrow, but give me some advice on how my life will be saved from this trouble, and if not, let me rest for two or four days."

The donkey said: "I understand a trick. If you follow it, you will be saved for five or seven days. Tell me?"

Bell said: "Goodness and ask. Tell me, what's the trick?"

The donkey said: "When the plowman comes to pick you up for plowing, you should close your eyes and stand up. If he pulls you, then you should take two steps and stop and put your neck. However, if he is not shown mercy and is taken to the field does not work and sit on the ground. No matter how beaten you are, never get up. Fall down, then he will bring you home. If you bring it home and put fodder in front of you, the food will be left aside and you will not be able to smell it. There will be less stress than not eating grass and grains, but some days you will get rest, because no one takes hard work from a sick animal. Here's what I thought was a trick, I told you. Now you have the choice of whether or not to do so. "

Coincidentally, the landlord who passed by them at that time heard them both and passed by smiling. It was time for fodder. The servant put a bundle of grain on the donkey's mouth and put the bait in front of the ox.

The bull was left speechless. The next day the plowman came to fetch the ox and saw that the ox was sick. Didn't eat anything at night. The servant ran to the master and said: "Don't know what happened to the ox at night. He neither eats nor drinks. Today I have to plow the whole field. Tell me to bring another ox from the garden."

The landlord had heard the words of the ox and the donkey.

I laughed a lot in my heart that the donkey has taught a good lesson.

The landlord said to the plowman: "Where is the good one? Why bring another ox? Take the donkey. Put it in the plow and get the work done."

The donkey got into trouble. In the past, he used to eat grass standing on the ground all day long, but now he has been plowing from morning till evening.

The tail was also twisted, the poles also fell. When the donkey returned to its place after sunset, Bell thanked him and said: "Brother, thanks to your kindness, I have found such happiness today that I have never had in my whole life. May God keep you happy."

"The donkey didn't say anything. He was thinking that if this situation continued for two or four days, my life would be lost. It was a good thing that he got himself in trouble."

The next day the plowman took the donkey and kept it in the plow until evening. When the donkey came back tired, Bell thanked him again and said goodbye.

The donkey said: "Leave these things alone. Today I have heard such bad news from the master's tongue that my hair is growing. May God protect you."

Bell raised his ear and asked: "Donkey brother! Tell me, my heart started beating."

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"The donkey said: "Tell me. The owner was telling the plowman that if the bull became very ill and unable to get up, calls the butcher and turns the knife on him." Bell shuddered at the butcher's name and said: "Then what do you advice?"

The donkey said: "I want your well-being in all circumstances."

Now my advice is that you stand up. Eat fodder, straw, and when the plowman comes in the morning, go with him happily and go to the plow. "

The landlord was listening to these words in secret and he was laughing in his heart at the words of both of them.

Fearing for his life, Bell followed the donkey's advice. Cleaned all the fodder and started to clean. In the morning, the landlord took his wife to Bell's place. When Bell saw his master, he jumped up.

The plowman also came. He found Bell perfectly healthy. When he opened it, he shook his tail and walked away so arrogantly that the owner laughed involuntarily.

The wife asked: "Why did you laugh? It doesn't matter if you laugh."

The landlord replied: "There is such a mystery, which I heard and saw, to which I laughed."

The wife said: "Tell me that too."

The landlord said: "It is not a matter of telling, if I tell, I will die."

The wife said: "You are lying. You were laughing at me." The landlord explained that good luck! Why should I laugh at you, you are deluded. If he was not afraid to die, he would have told.

But when she was about to believe, she said: "Whether you die or live, I will keep asking."

When the wife did not agree, the landlord gathered all the neighbors and told the whole story that my wife was insisting on something that I would die after revealing.

People explained a lot to his wife and when she did not agree, they went home. The landlord was helpless and went to perform ablution to recite two Nafls before the mystery was revealed. The landlord had a rooster and fifty chickens and a dog.

As the landlord was leaving, he heard that the dog was getting very angry with the rooster, saying that he was unlucky! Where do you run away with the hens? Our master is about to die.

The rooster asked: "Why, brother! What a calamity befell him! He was ready to die suddenly."

The dog told the whole story to the rooster.

When the rooster heard this story, he laughed a lot and said: "Our master is also a strange foolish man. He even oppressed his wife in such a way that she would die and not talk about it. Look at me! Lift up

Why doesn't the owner break two or three straight branches of the mulberry tree in the house and take the antagonist to the basement and beat him so that he repents and never does such a thing again. "

Hearing this, the landlord broke the mulberry branches and hid them in the basement.

The wife said: "Now come and perform ablution, tell me now?"

The landlord said: "Let's go to the basement, so that if I reveal the secret, no one else will go and I will die there."

The wife said, "Good." And went further into the basement.

The landlord closed the door and hit his wife so hard that she folded her hands and said: "I have repented, I will never be so stubborn again."

Then the two came out. The family and relatives who were upset were happy and the couple started living with great satisfaction till their death.


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