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The Story of "Poor Father"

A true story of poor father

Why you judge a father second to her

He too nourish us with great care.

His love is silent and far beyond measure

In joy of our heart he gets his pleasure.

He accounts the needs of all his family

Clad in a torn shirt, spends, the nights chilly.

But provides us, he warmer clothes

Toils only for us and never sloths.

I have seen him in same ragged shirt ,for years

In the corner of dark room shedding tears.

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When he feels unable to buy us pencils because

he has not enough to unpaid bills.

He grows up a sweetish crops

But destroyed by heavy rain.

Work is harder but result is less

Goes to market and few cash.

In the morning he promised all a dress

But only two he could purchase.

Next day all his family was in a gleam

But in the same ragged shirt ,he was seen

© 2022 Gaurav singh

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