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The Amazing Future Of Humanity

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The sincerity of trees and human inventiveness

Ancient trees; faithful witnesses of events that occurred in the last century, they recount events that they witnessed when they were just a few bushes; they entertain us with their sheets full of knowledge, which we read avidly, assimilating all the true stories decorated with unforgettable characters that transcended the walls of time, leaving us a large number of legacies.

These legacies are located on a scale of diversity of achievements and triumphs of these human beings who contributed great treasures to humanity.

A great staircase is born in the forest, and on each step there is a triumph and at his side the maker of it. This in the form of a snail and culminates in the sky.

The honorees smile at the crowd and proudly show their achievements, sharing them with those present. My eyes marvel at such intelligence. God has truly endowed these innovators with intellect, who have earned these merits with perseverance and determination in their lives.
The enormous spiral seems to oscillate between fantasy and reality; but no, she is not located in any of these phases. She perennially rests on constant ideas dressed in triumphant colors.

An intense light is born in the surrounding trees; it is the glow of her memory that has been activated by the keen interest, raised by the public. Suddenly a holographic image appears suspended in the air. No, it's not a ghost, nor is it a dream.

It's an invention! An invention that floats in space. It looks like a painting; but no..., it is a screen in which the lives of the inventors are displayed with their respective achievements.

It is an invention showing other inventions. How curious, right? The event unfolds buoyant with interest and enthusiasm from the burning sun. All lives parade; all inventions; all the dramas, and the expectant crowd, applauds the inventiveness of these geniuses.

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The current world and the effect of inventions

Thanks to the intellect of today's human being, we enjoy many comforts and cozy existence. Inventions like; the time Machine; the rejuvenating maelstrom; the loquacious hairdresser, who makes hairstyles, simply by placing the heads inside a hat-like funnel. And what about the amazing teleporting machine. What progress! What technology!

Dear readers, are you amazed? We are in the year twelve thousand three hundred. Amazing, the trees told me. All extracted from the old stories of their grandparents, who said that in that distant time, there were people with wrinkles, ugly, old, poor! None of them enjoyed today's technology. If they had lived in our time, it would only be enough to place them within the vortex and youth would come to them again with all the impetus of their youthful years. What a pity! They died of old age.

Now our world abounds with youth. There are no elders. We don't let anyone get old. As soon as they turn thirty-five, they must go to the Universal Genealogical Hospital, request an active rejuvenation card, and so the routine begins. Every five years you enter the rejuvenating maelstrom. Most of the people appear to be only twenty-five years old.

And the appearance of people? Do you think it's the same? Nope! Of course not! People have evolved a lot. I'll give you a description of today's people: human beings no longer have noses; only two holes to breathe; they lost it due to the strong sun, the heat melted this bulge. And his eyes, what to say about his eyes!

They no longer have eyelashes or eyebrows and the eyelids almost cover them, revealing a line and oriental line where the pupils shyly peek out. The hair. Oh hair is just history! People are totally bald; men and women are confused and blinded by the brightness of their heads. They are young, there is no doubt; but with a different appearance, almost theatrical for us, but not for them.

Today's world laughs out loud at the old appearance of people; they consider that they are now more beautiful. They keep photos of their ancestors and wonder; How could those people enjoy life? With that amount of hair on his head and those little hairs in his eyes. What?

They constantly travel in the dimensions of time; and when they look at the different times there is always some ancestor who sees it and classifies them as UFOs due to their typical and spherical ships or time machines. The speed of these ultra dimensional artifacts is dizzying; nothing comparable to the slowness of the ships of the past. It is so fast that only its details can be captured, when a video from an old recorder captures the images as evidence.

And when by chance, someone from the past manages to see them; they are mistaken for extraterrestrials, due to their strange appearance.
(I speak as an inhabitant of the 21st century).

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