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The Sensitive Girl

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.

The sensitive girl

Rinita saw her, crossing the road, through the glass door at the entrance of the restaurant. She was accompanied by a girl. Rinita was a bit surprised. How the hell Margaret was roaming in this part of London. It was a big surprise for Rinita to see her.

They were walking slowly towards this direction and probably were planning to enter this restaurant only and seeing that possibility Rinita took a quick move and paid for the coffee and came out of the restaurant from the side door that opened in the side lane. Thank God, Roderick was not there otherwise Rinita would have been in a fix. Rinita was a sensitive girl and always cared for the feelings of other people. She thought many times that she should have told Roderick about Margaret but somehow she could not and the confusion still prevailed in her mind as to whether to tell him or not.

Rinita had moved to the south-eastern part of London about a year back when she decided to leave Margaret and have her life in her own way.

Margaret lived in the western part of London and worked as a receptionist cum secretary in a company. She was working there for 8 years. Rinita had joined as a computer assistant in the same company and soon became friendly with Margaret. Everyone in the company liked Margaret as she was a caring, friendly, talkative, and jolly person. Rinita was from Amsterdam and her parents were happy to know about her getting a job in London. She had come to London and took a seat in a girl's guest house and then joined her job in that company.

Margaret was alone in London and her parents were living in Belgium. She was living in a two-room apartment in the western part of London. Margaret used to take her lunch in the company canteen and as Rinita also started to take her lunch there, they often met and slowly became good friends. Rinita enjoyed her company. She was so caring. One day Margaret offered Rinita for sharing her apartment if she so wished. Rinita was very happy and soon shifted to that apartment.

Margaret was very nice to her and took great care of her and Rinita felt very homely. Slowly Rinita came to know more about Margaret that she did not have any boyfriend and in fact, she did not like boys. It was surprising for Rinita as Rinita had attractive feelings for the boys of her age and in fact, she encouraged many men in the company office to talk to her and take her for a coffee or dinner outside.

Rinita's surprise about Margaret came to an end when she found that Margaret was behaving aggressively with her and getting physically intimate with her. Rinita being a very sensitive girl could not stop her advances and surrendered to her. Whenever Margaret took her in her arms Rinita felt weak and could not resist and even at times enjoyed the actions of Margaret and even reciprocated well. It continued for about 6 months and Rinita was slowly thinking to get out of that situation as she felt imprisoned in Margaret's affectionate but lustful ways.

That was the time when Rinita met Rodrick. He worked in a sister concern of Rinita's company and came to them in connection with the modification of a software application. Roderick was very well behaved and had very handsome looks and Rinita fell for him since she saw him for the first time. Rinita didn't know how to show her inclination to him. Roderick was regularly coming there for 2-3 days and having work association with Rinita and some of Rinita's colleagues. Roderick lived in London itself along with his parents.

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During one of those visits, he asked Rinita to join him for a coffee in a nearby restaurant and Rinita agreed quickly as if she was waiting for that offer. There were many common hobbies and interests between Roderick and Rinita and slowly their friendship grew with good bonds and both were happy about that. Margaret was observing these developments and even had outings with them a few times but as Margaret had no interest in men, she didn't have any feelings for Roderick and was behaving with him normally. Margaret was an intelligent person and before Rinita could ask her for separation, she had told Rinita that she was free to have her life as she wanted and if she didn't like living with her then she could move elsewhere. Rinita was happy to hear that and then she took a decision to move to hostel accommodation in the south-eastern part of London.

Roderick was working hard to get a promotion in his career. He was an ambitious guy. Rinita knew that only after that she can be sure of him wooing her. About 2-3 months later Roderick gave her the good news that he had got the raise that he had expected for a long time. Rinita was very happy to know that and the same day Roderick took her out for a dinner. In the restaurant, Roderick proposed to her and presented her with a ring. Rinita was so happy that day.

Roderick told her that he would like to take her to his parents before taking a decision about the planning for the marriage as when and how it was to be planned. By that time Rinita had disclosed the news to her parents and they were also feeling happy about it. Roderick told her that he would come next week and then they would meet his parents.

That day when Rinita saw Margaret near that restaurant, was the day that put Rinita under fear and stress thinking about Margaret. Rinita was sure that Margaret might have found another girl by now and might have forgotten Rinita but what if she encounters sometimes Roderick and herself. Roderick might come to know those relationships. It was not a big deal but Rinita being a sensitive girl had thought that before such a situation arises she must disclose to Roderick her relationship with Margaret. Rinita was confused and was not able to decide whether to disclose or not. She knew that Roderick was a broad-minded person and loved her but again the apprehension was perturbing Rinita that she must tell him about her relationship before the marriage takes place.

A few days later Roderick went to meet Rinita and told her that by the next 2-3 days they would go and meet his parents.

"Roderick, I want to share with you about my past life before we go and meet your parents", Rinita told him.

Roderick was surprised. What was there in the mind of Rinita? He stared at her.

Rinita told him about her stay with Margaret and then that she also found her in that locality recently with a girl. Roderick listened but it didn't affect him in any way. In fact, he told to Rinita that the past was past and all of us might have some relationships but once we have left that in our lives there was no need to think about that or mention that. He also told that even if she had not told him the story about that girl it didn't make any difference.

Hearing this Rinita was relieved much and understood that Roderick was definitely a broad-minded and simple person. She was feeling very fresh as a weight of that apprehension from her mind was gone. Roderick was smiling at her and Rinita simply guided herself in his arms.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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