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The search is not over yet

Persist and hope all will be well

Where is the key to happiness that is lost, the lock where the happiness is closed.

Go somewhere far away and find the place where the morning is the wind of laughter.

Now there is no peace everywhere,the some sorrow is everywhere.

The soul ate the peace of life,scattered the silence of the sorrows everywhere.

No more patience now everything will be right, no longer waiting for any miracle.

Patience did not leave the side, which was not even expected.

Why was life so boring I never imagined it would ever happen.

A small life will be so painful and difficult,was belonging to loved ones and got deceived from loved ones.

There would have been a time for everything, but it seems that everything was written before.

So why think so much then why don't you run away now in this body.

So tired that he himself is breathless and his voice.

Started feeling scared, now with my own breath it sounds like a sobbing voice.

If it falls in the ears, it seems that when the days have become sad since the happy days.

It didn't take long to change the time but when I encountered it, I came to know.

It is right said that time comes to cry, o king ,I have to cry on my condition.

But tired of stopping now I want what will happen next from this.

Then I think to myself what will happen if the end on the end does not happen so soon.

And even it if happens, it is not so bad that I could not do anything in life.

There is a lot to do ,even if the speed is slow, the right path is not visible, but the destination is to be achieved.

If you have forgotten everything, what happened, do not leave, there is no strength in the body, but there is a lot of hope.

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I think it's a difficult time, but I have to face this situation.

If everyone is mine, then why not live by winning it?

I get tired but I go a little bit, then after trying again, I get down in the field.

Then I am kicked out of the field by a hit by an opponent.

The same sequence goes on in my life, then I come back with some slight changes.

And I hope that if you never win, do not defeat yourself even after losing.

Sure's arm trembled, but the very next moment it strikes.

And the mind then communicates happiness in itself with the power of doing something.

The imagination of my mind does not stop; imagination is my life.

The day my hopeful imagination died, my last breath would be counting on that day.

My mind does not rest until I give wings to the spirit of my mind.

He keeps flying until he is imprisoned in cage.

My heart is full of unfathomable hope and I am the owner of that mind.

Now you have to go far away, where there is a world of happiness moment by moment, the voice of laughter.

Be drenched in smelling happiness, the world is not just a fantasy, it will happen.

If there is imagination then everything is there without imagination there is no life.

If there is memory of sorrows,Then there is also a wait for the arrival of happiness.

A lot has been lost, but what is small has a lot of power.

There is no comparison with little or little how much happiness is important.

It is limitless to achieve,I am ready for it every moment and every moment.

I am tired but I do not want to deviate from my decision, this is my insistence.

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