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The Sacrifice of a Hero

The sacrifice of a hero that will never be forgotten by the saved ones

The sacrifice of a hero


Was it by chance or was it my faith

Did I choose to do it or was the choice already made and I was just living it out

My death came quickly so I know my loved ones will be wondering and crying

But I had a very adventurous life I have had times of sadness of laughing of happiness of all emotions

May the holy Spirit the comforter comfort my mom

But I saved lives heroic sacrifice and I'm okay with that

And I know my Selfless act will be made known to people it will show

That I cared I loved and that I was willing voluntarily had no problem helping so as I fly away like a bird in the sky and enter the afterlife with all the others before me I will leave you with this

Peace and love and I will see you later.

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