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The Reward of Goodness

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The reward of goodness

Muhammad ibn Aqeel writes his story that he was a very impoverished man. Once while circumambulating I saw a necklace that was very valuable. I picked up that necklace. My heart wanted me to hide it, but my conscience said, no way, it's theft, but honesty demands that I return it to the person to whom it belongs. So I stood in the mataf and announced that if anyone had lost his necklace, he should come and get it from me.


It is said that a blind man came and said that this necklace is mine and fell from my bag.
My self reproached me still more, That the necklace was also a blind man's; But I gave that necklace to him. The blind man prayed and left.


They say that I used to pray that Allah! Please arrange some sustenance for me. See the glory of Allah that I came from there "Hila". (This is a town named) I went to a mosque there and found out that Imam Sahib had died a few days ago. People told me to pray. When I offered prayers, they liked to offer my prayers. They said, why don't you become Imam here? I said, great. I started performing the duties of Imamat there. After a few days, it was found that Imam Sahib, who had died earlier, had a one-year-old daughter. He had made a will to marry her to a good man. Muqtadi people said to me, Yes if you want, we will match this orphan girl to you. I said, yes, very good, so they married me to him.
After some time of marriage, I saw my wife wearing the same necklace around her neck which I had returned to a blind man during Tawaf, I was shocked to see it. I asked, whose necklace is this? He said it was given to me by my father. I said, who was your father? He said: He was a scholar, he was an imam in this mosque and he was blind. Then I found out that her father was the one to whom I had returned the necklace. I told him that I had picked up this necklace. She started saying that her prayer was also accepted and my father's prayer was also accepted. Did I say how? He said that your prayer was accepted in such a way that Allah gave you a house, a housewife, and provided sustenance, and my father's prayer was accepted in such a way that when he returned with the necklace, that prayer They used to ask that O Allah! An Amin (honest) person has returned my necklace to me, O Allah! Give me such an honest person as a husband for my daughter. Allah accepted my father's prayer and made him my husband.


So Allah Almighty never allows the work of a sincere servant to stop, does not let him get stuck, but always puts his boat on the shore"-

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