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The Rejected Stone

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"Ada! Chioma! Onyinye! Chy! Ify! Where have these children gone to?” Shouted Mama Ada as she just returned from market. She has a provision shop at the main market the biggest market in their Local Government Area.

Mama Ada is a hard working woman; she lives with her husband Obidike and daughters in Udoani village, a town in Anambra state, in the eastern part of Nigeria."

Mama Ada whose maiden name was Ngozi Ede married at an early age of 18. Her father died when she was seven years old leaving her and her younger brother, Ikem, who was five for her poor mother to raise.

Ngozi's mother tried as much as she could to train her and younger brother up to secondary school level. Immediately she finished writing her Senior School Certificate Examination, started working as a sales girl, the job she took in order to assist her mother in running the home. It was on her way to work day that she met Obidike.

Her marriage with Obidike’ was filled with terrible experiences. It all started when Ngozi had her second daughter, Chioma, two years after her first daughter, Ada. Immediately she returned from the hospital with her baby, her husband approached her without waiting for her to settle down and shouted: “woman listen, “this should be the last time you will give birth to a baby girl in this house. My home is not a convent where the inmates must be females’.

Ngozi broke down in tears. But she later consoled herself and prayed that her next child should be a boy.

Two years later, Ngozi became pregnant again. This she prayed day and night, begging God to let it be a baby boy. But unfortunately, the baby turned out to be another girl which she named Onyinye. This time, her husband did not wait for her to return home. When he reached the hospital, he looked at her furiously and roared.

“Ngozi, I don't want to see you in my house with that thing you gave birth to.” He turned back and left the hospital in such a hurry that you will wonder if something was pursuing him.

Ngozi cried bitterly and questioned God. “God what have | done to deserve this?”

But thank God for the nurses and hospital attendants who quickly surrounded her, consoling and calming her. They told her that children are gifts from God, so she should stop questioning God rather she should be thankful to Him for giving her such beautiful and wonderful children because there are thousands of women out there begging God to give them even if it is one child the gender notwithstanding.

Ngozi stayed one whole week in the hospital waiting for her husband to come and settle the hospital bill and take them home, but he did not show his face.

Some people were sent to her husband to plead on her behalf and to make him understand that it was not his wife's fault that it is God that gives children. They succeeded in convincing him to pay the bill and take his wife and baby home.

At this time, things were never the same in their house. The man so hated her and the children that one will wonder if he is really their father. Ngozi couldn't believe that this was the same Obidike that she married some years back, who promised to love her all the days of his life.

The children started noticing their father's negative attitudes towards them. He hardly buys anything for them. In fact he hardly answers their greetings; he beat and shouted at them over any little mistake. :

One day, Ada, the eldest daughter asked their mother: “Mummy, why is daddy always shouting and beating us, does it ‘mean that he hates us?”

Her mother not Knowing the best way to explain what was happening to the little girl for her to really understand, simply told her: “No, my daughter, daddy does not hate any of you, daddy is facing some difficulties at his working place.” She explained.

Whether the children understood or not, she did not know.All she knew was that she succeeded in telling them something that resembled the truth.

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Things continued moving from bad to worse, with beating and shouting in the home all the time. Obidike stopped giving Ngozi money for the house up-keep, but Ngozi being the hardworking type did not bother. She continued working to take care of her children.

Three years later, Ngozi became pregnant again. This time she never wanted it, she wished it never happened, butail the same, she started praying that it should be a boy. She believed that was the only thing that would make her husband happy.

Just as before, things did not turn out the way she prayed. The worst even happened, because it turned out to be TWINS!!! Allgirls. But to everybody's surprise, she did not cry, instead, she was very happy, she quickly sent for her mother to come to the hospital and help her out.

When the husband, who has already gone to work when the labour started, was informed that his wife has delivered twin paby girls, he did not bother going to the hospital to see them, rather he headed home with alacrity and straight into his wife's room, packed all her personal belongings including her children's own, and took them all to the hospital.

On getting there, he met his mother-in-law, Mama Ngozi, who had earlier been informed about her daughter's delivery. She had prepared hot yam pepper soup, full of dry mangala fish and chicken, and rushed to the hospital to see her daughter.

Obidike did not even bother to greet his mother-in-law or his wife Ngozi, neither did he look at the little babies that God just gave to them. But what did he do? What he did was more than shocking!

As soon as he entered the room where they were, luckily the three children, Ada, Chioma and Onyinye were also there, because immediately they heard the news, they all ran to the hospital to see them with their own eyes. Obidike simply dropped the bags on the floor, turned to his wife and shouted at her in a very loud and angry voice.

“Woman, for the last time, | don't ever want to see you nor your useless girls in my house again, these are you loads.”

He turned to his mother-in-law, “It's a good thing, you are here, please pack ‘your girls' straight to your house. | don't need them again; | am going to marry another woman who will deliver boys for me.”

After those comments, he left the ward and banged the door after him. Ngozi burst out in a loud hearty laughter that shook her whole body. As she laughed, her mother stood up, looked round the room and said “Foolish man, you will regret all this when you come back to your Senses.”

The children ran to their grandmother crying, she held them together and said: “My children, don't worry, stop crying, | will take you all home, | will make sure you lack nothing in my house.” She looked upward and shook her head and said in a very low tone almost to herself: “By then, it will be too late for him because I won't allow him to touch any of you.” She looked down on the children hugged them with her eyes filled with tears, then she went back to her daughter who was just sitting on the bed watching her mother and her children, and said to her. “Ngozi my daughter, don't be afraid | will take good care of you and my grand children, God will surely see us through.” “Yes mother” Ngozi said. “The doctor said that he will discharge us tomorrow so | will go and make arrangement for the bus that will take us home",Ngozi said.

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Chapter Two of The Rejected Stone

July 08, 2022

Meanwhile, Ngozi's younger brother, Ikem, who had followed a man from their town to the city to learn a trade immediately after his Senior School Certificate Examination four years earlier had just been sent home by his master for no just cause. Effectively making his four years service to his master in the city a waste. He has been in the village now for almost eight months just doing one menial job or the other while waiting for God's intervention.Ikem was at home the following day after his normal day's work when a bus pulled up in front of the house’ he was surprised to see his mother sister and his little nieces com ng down from the bus. He was all the more shocked when he saw that hs mo and his sister Ngozi were carrying the two days old twins and the driver who was busy bringing down boxes and bags out of the bus. He couldn't hold himself again; he rushed them and s them one question after another without wa n t answer. First he faced his mother and asked “Mother what happened? Then tohis sister s e s any problem in your home? Then to his mother again “Mother, are the children sick or something?” He rushed back to his sister, feeling the fore head of ea h of the twins with the back of his right hand as to know if their bode were hot. Then he turned back to his sister and asked her: “Sister how is Uncle Obidke? Is he okay?”

Then seeing that nobody was ready to give him any answer, he shouted to no one in particular,

“Can somebody please tell me what is going on here?”

By this time, the driver had finished bringing their luggage out of his bus and was reversing his bus to go. His mother, seeing that he was so anxious to know what happened said to him:

“My son, (she held him on the shoulder as they walked towards the entrance of their house) calm down, | will tell you everything when we get inside.”

Ada and her younger sisters carried their bags inside the house. The house is a modern bungalow, made up of four bedrooms, a big sitting room, and a long corridor that leads to the back yard. At the backyard is a big kitchen, a packing store, toilet and bathroom. The house is well fenced with an iron gate at the front.

This was the house that Ngozi’s father built during hs while he was working with the Nigerian rail way station Enugu

Once inside the house, Mama Ngozi called her two children together and said to them:

“My children listen to me, with God all things are possible God makes a way where there seems to be no way" She paused a bit, then turned to ikem and said:

“My son, there is no much problem,” (she covered the baby she was carrying very well, then continued)

“As I was saying, Ikem, there is no problem, your in-law Obidike said that because your sister is bearing only female children for him, he had decided to send her and her children out of his house”

She stopped again, looked at the baby she was carrying who was just sleeping soundly on her laps, she then looked around the room and watched Ngozi who was trying to breast feed the other twin who was awake. She then looked at the other children, Ada, Chioma, and Onyinye as they surrounded their mother, each of them trying to touch either the babies' hair, finger or leg, all talking at the same time asking their mother many questions about the babies.

While looking at them, her face brightened a bit, she smiled and turned back to |kem and continued.

“My dear son” she called him in a gentle voice,

“Your sister, Ngozi, is back to her father’s house with her children and | have vowed to take good care of them as much as | can.”

She turned round, placed her right hand on his son's shoulder and said “ikem, please, | want you to help me in taking care of these children, remember, they are your sister's children

She kept quiet for a second, now tears have st gathering again, she wiped it away with the back of herrg th as she continued.

“If only your father were to be alive, Obidike wouldn't hav had the guts to do this.”

She started crying, and calling Obidike all sorts of names This brought the attention of Ngozi and the children. She quickly joined them on the long chair where they were sitting, she and ikem started consoling their mother, promising her heaven and earth re-assuring her that they will join hands together in training the children.

With those words, they succeeded in calming her down but then, it was already getting dark, she told Ikem who was already carrying one of the twins to go to sweep and arrange the two vacant rooms, so that Ngozi and the twins will share one, while Ada and her younger ones will take the other.

She then turned to Ngozi and said,

“Ngoo please take care of the baby on the chair, see how the children are surrounding her, before they w eyes, let me enter the kitchen and boil water for the and to prepare dinner.

As soon as she eft Choma the s her mother:


She called, leaning on her body. “Are we going to grandmother?”

“Yes Chichi”

Her mother answered She shouted and jumped up a down in happiness and said to her mother,

“Mummy, it is good, | love it here, | will not go back to our house again, let only daddy stay there, he will not see anybody to beat and shout at again.”

Chioma, at the age of six looks so much like her mother, she is fat with round face, pointed nose and fair in complexion. She escaped albino by luck. She talks too much and comments on everything she sees. But then, she is a very be intelligent girl. At primary one, she could read and write and she always came out the best in her class.

Ada, who has been quiet all this while, turned to her mother and asked:

“Mummy, why did daddy say we should not come to his house again?”

Her mother was shocked to hear this from her because she never believed that the children will understand what happened at the hospital.

“Mummy” Ada continued with her question,

“| heard daddy say at the hospital that he will marry another woman who will bear him a baby boy. is it because we are all girls, is that why he hates us so much?"

At this point, Ngozi could not hold herself any longer she drew her closer to herself and patted her on the head and satd to her, “Ada mara mma, Ada bekee, Ada ugom”,

She called her all these pet names to make her ha then she said to her.

“You and your sisters are wonderful children, I thank for blessing me with beautiful and intelligent children | lo all, your grandma and Uncle tkem love you all do you understand?”

Chioma, who didn't seem to be paying attention to thew discussion, shouted “Yes mummy!”

Her mummy started laughing.

Ada said,

“I understand you mummy but, how about our school? Are we going to stop schooling or...?”

“Adaugo, you have asked your mother so many questions, No you cannot stop going to school, tomorrow your uncle, ikem, will take you to anew school, it's just across the road.”

Just then, their grandmother came in to announce that hot water was ready for the twins to take their bath.

Adaugo, at age of eight took after her father in stature, she is slim taller than her mates and always inquisitive wanting to know everything. She only took her mother's fairness and gentle manner. Very intelligent and smart, she reads meaning in every statement she hears. She is not a talkative like Chioma. At her age she helps her mother in the kitchen, she could cook food like, yam, white rice, beans and coco yam. She helps in washing plates and clothes. She is expert in cleaning, arranging and keeping the house clean, the work she started doing when she was five years old.

In fact, anytime her mother went out, she always m sure that the house was in order before she got back. This a made her mother happy. Little wonder, whenever she coming back from market, she always bought so many thn them, especially for Ada. Things like biscuit, bread, bo groundnut, you name it. This was to encourage them Though Chioma was learning fast from her but she talked and played a lot that Adaugo, not minding her, carried on with the house alone.

“Ikem!” grandma called, “Are you not through with arranging the rooms?”

“Mother, I am about to finish” said Ikem.

“Then, come and take the children, change their clothes and get them ready for dinner” said grandma as she carried one of the twins and toid Ngozi to carry the other and follow her to their room.

Onyinye, the four years old girl that was older than the twins was already fast asleep on the chair by the time Ikem came to carry them. One cannot easily say who Onyinye resembles between their parents, she is plump, not too fair like Ada and Chioma and not too dark either, she has what people call chocolate color. This made her to look even more beautiful than the others. But she sucked her left thumb, the habit she adopted from birth. She was always quiet and seldom cried because her finger was always in her mouth. Her mother had tried different methods to stop her from sucking her finger includ ng rubbing pepper there, covering the finger with plaster, stockings a bitter leaf water, still no way. So she let her be hoping that she would stop it when she grows up.

Onyinye, who is still in the nursery cla showing signs of intelligence like her older siblings.

When Ikem woke her up from her sle p crying, but when he told her that it was time to eat, she stopped crying because she was already very hungry and she loved eating.

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