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The Lady Behind Me

I am an ordinary teenager with dreams in eyes, I am fond of reading novels. and I also love to write my own experiences,



He enjoys living in his dreams. He wished to fly like the birds in the sky, but when he opened his eyes, he realized that it was impossible for him to fly over the sky, and that it was also impossible for him to achieve all of the dreams that he saw every day and every night,

but then he met a lady who assisted him in following up on and achieving the dreams that he saw every day, and she taught him that while you cannot fly over the sky, you can fly on the land to achieve your dreams.

And I'm here to assist you. And she aided me in a variety of ways at every stage of my life. Then I envision myself as a person who has the power to realize all of his dreams because he knows he has a lady behind him to encourage him. He wants to study at the world's best private universities because he knows there is a lady behind him who will support him.

His every wish has been granted, and his every dream has come true because of the lady who is behind him. He first complains to himself about why he thinks so big and wishes for things that are tough for his parents to provide, but then the lady behind him says, "I'm here for you.

" He refers to himself as the luckiest kid on the planet because all of his wishes were granted and all of his dreams came true. Finally, he would like to express his gratitude to the lady who stood behind him,

She was the lady who was so strong that the rest of her family became concerned when a problem arose, but that lady never became concerned; instead, she remained strong and fought the problems that arose. He stated that everything they are today is due to that lady, and that lady was his mother, who was by his side throughout his life.

Written by Muhammad Wasia
He considered thanking his mother with words because he believes words have immense power.

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