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The Introverted Lost Soul

The introverted lost soul with no hope purpose or faith with only one friend myself

The introverted lost soul


I see you but you never see me the only reason why I come out side is to go to work at night because I do janitor work the only person I talk to is myself I don't talk to anyone day in and day out with no purpose or hope or faith leaves me in a state of delusion am I real are the things around me real why is my mind like this I often feel weird and strange I should have kids and a family by now I don't even have a couple of friends I find that music and movies in Reading comforts me I try not to think about the things I'm going through because when I cry it just seems that it comes out harder me sitting in a empty house it's the weekend I can hear the party outside but I'm not out there I cry on those days I often question myself what is wrong with me I drink to take away the pain and the reality of the situation that I have nobody as tears fall down my face I leave you with this just know I see you and you will never see me.

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