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The Heartless Survivor

I'm the only one making it out alive don't even think about getting in my way

The heartless survivor


Move out of my way don't you see that I'm a winner and you're a loser move out of my way I'm the one that's going to be the last one standing oops you just tripped and fell you should watch your step next time move out of my way I'm the only one eating and I'm going to eat the food off your plate move out of my way I'll smile and laugh in your face because you have what I want and when I get it I'm going to stick this knife in your back so deep with a grin on my face move out of my way don't ask me for nothing because you're only going to get a empty hand and a push away from me get out of my way I'm the only person in control I'm the leader I'm the dominant one and you don't stand a chance this is my world everything is mine and if I was you I wouldn't come around me but then again you'll never know who you're dealing with so when it's all said and done and over with and I look at you in your eyes and you ask me why I'm going to tell you I'm a heartless survivor and you mean absolutely nothing to me as I stick the knife deeper in your gut.

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