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The Gift of Successful Life

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Become Karmayogi

If you have arms, do deeds,
Don't beg with outstretched hands
There is a foot on the ground every day
Don't look for a refugee site
What do you think of a little bit of blood?
If you work hard, you will get heaven here
Don't forget the hero's way
Even if it is completely dark
The thorn bites and kisses
Become a target and a good warrior

Search for land
To wave gold earrings
Ask for the sky
To sleep with a cool bed
You own the land you set foot on, then you become self-reliant.
Where to sit to delete.
There is nothing that cannot be done
Not a star in the sky
Run hand-foot ancestor
The whole land is the same

If you ask, ask for a net
Fish is your food
If you are looking for a tool
It becomes the basis to reach the destination
A small kit that would starve to death rather than live with its arms outstretched,
Walks scattering light at night
If you want to live life, if you want to walk in a handful of breaths, then together with good deeds, give an example of free thinking brain, self-reliance.
Gyan Deep Shiksha Pai,
Take the gift of a successful life


Shekhar (author) from Kathmandu,Nepal on January 31, 2021:

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manatita44 from london on January 25, 2021:


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