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The Creepy Legend of Blair's Witch - Elly Kedward

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Elly Kedward - The Witch

In the current American city of Burkittsville, Maryland, there is a legend about the Blair Witch. The real name of this witch was Elly Kedward. Accused of witchcraft and convicted, Elly was exiled to the Black Hills Forest. Here the townspeople hung a witch on a tree and left him to die, carving under her feet the symbols of the elements of the universe that were to destroy her spirit.
In 1786, the first testimonies appeared that the restless spirit of Elly Kedward was scattered around the area.

The Childhood Tragedy

Elly Kedward's father was Welsh, and her mother was Irish. During childbirth, the girl's mother was bleeding to death, so the father was the only person close to Elly, a guardian and a breadwinner. In 1739, during the Irish farmers' uprising, the girl's father was fatally tortured and remained mutilated in front of his daughter. For ten years, the Order has suffered not only the loss of a loved one but also the violence, coercion, and bullying of the rebels.

After a long night of torture, Mr. Kedward's body was casually thrown on his dead father and covered with tree branches. A decade-old girl left to die in Ireland's cold; gloomy forests realized that her only hope of survival was to try to warm herself from her dead father's body.

In Paris, the local hermit was found to have been transported to a tiny shed. There she was cared for about four weeks, according to the original customs and occult practices of the Twana tribes. Elly Kedward 's life was saved in a variety of non - traditional ways, including decoctions of psychoactive herbs and transitus fluvii (a secret language)- witch ciphers.

The Period of Adversity

In the depths of the woods, Elly Kedward regained physical strength under the protection of a hermit, but the psyche was irreversibly damaged. Experiencing a terrible shock, living away from people, promoting the occult, and having no social skills, the girl lacked awareness of everyday social life.

Transitus fluvii understood the language of the verse much better than the language of communication. The hermit who saved her taught Elly Kedward witchcraft, mystical rites, ceremonies, incantations, and even curses.

The Great Frost that engulfed Ireland in 1739 manifested itself in climatic cataclysms, global fever, famine, poor harvests, and Parganas that lasted two years and claimed thousands of lives, including the patron saint of Elly. The man died in 1741 of a severe form of dysentery. The access to the cities and forests was covered with the victims' bodies. And the roadside ditches became the graves of many dead.

During the Great Frost, Ireland lost around 300,000 people. Twelve-year-old Elly Kedward, after another relentless blow of fate, lost her sanity. After a few days of wandering around Cork, the crazy girl was spotted by random passers-by and handed over for treatment to a shelter in Baconsthorpe, where she spent several years.

Blair Witch Project Netflix


Escape from Ireland

In 1753, E. Kedward became pregnant for the seventh time at the Baconsthorpe Shelter. None of her babies saw the light of day because the woman's body was unable to carry them. All Elly's pregnancies resulted from abuse and doctors' negligence.

For many years, Baconsthorpe's psychiatric ward further complicated Elly Kedward's physical and psychological condition alongside schizophrenics, lunatics, and maniacs. It is believed that a month after the loss of her seventh baby, Elly killed eight people at the shelter responsible for all her horrific experiences at the site.

Elly hid in the same woods where her father had been killed. To escape from the shelter After practicing occultism for several weeks and immersing themselves in transcendental fluvii incantations, the woman held a ceremonial ceremony in the forest for each unborn baby, marked by the mystical, transcendent fluvii signs. After fifteen years, completely isolated from the people and society, in 1768, the Queue was completed as Elly Kedward.

After robbing a house in Cork, the woman had enough money to start a new life. With stolen identity documents, he got on a ship sailing from Ireland to the US. In the summer of 1769, a new resident settled in Blair, Maryland.

The Curse of the Forest

The wooded area, known as the Black Hills, was shrouded in a wide variety of superstitions and mystical stories even before the history of Elly Kedward. The local Indians avoided this forest from afar, believing that there were forces of evil and evil spirits in it. As early as the 1630s, an English colonel named Blair asked a local Indian tribe to help soldiers look around the Black Hills forest area.

The locals, fearing revenge on English soldiers, did not refuse to help but secretly planned sabotage against Colonel Blair's unit. Despite the clever Indian ambush, Blair and his men set up a fort in the Black Hills forest to help protect themselves from attacks by local Indian tribes. In 1634, the ill-fated town of Blair was founded in the vicinity of the fort.


Allegations of Witchcraft

Less than a year after Ms. Kedward arrived in the town of Blair, several local children accused her of witchcraft. Elly had lured herself to her house and taken a drop of blood for each of them with a needle placed into her finger; the little ones informed the locals.

Although the woman claimed to have tried to develop drugs for an unknown disease, the townspeople accused her of witchcraft and prostitution. Then, tying Elly's arms and legs and covering her eyes, they dragged her into the Black Hills forest, where they carved witch marks on her body, hung her on a tree, and left her to die.

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Every day, the residents of Blair came to check if Elly's life had already been extinguished, but the most brutal torture did not take the woman's life. Having finally decided that E. Kedward is a witch that is not destroyed by life-threatening injuries, the townspeople decided that the body left during the winter would freeze. The evil spirit would leave it on its own.


The Curse of the Blair Witch

When spring came, the residents of the town of Blair were convinced that Ms. Kedward had died of starvation, cold, and exhaustion. In 1786, under mysterious circumstances, all the children accused of witchcraft Elly disappeared. Every month, under mystical circumstances, the town of Blair lost several inhabitants.

The midnight fire destroyed some families' homes; some drowned in a rural creek, while others vanished without a trace. After rumors of Elly Kedward's spirit wandering around Blair, the rest of the town left home and set out in search of a haven, swearing never to mention Kedward's name in their life.

For nearly four decades, Blair was considered a ghost town with no living spirit, but a host of legends soared. In 1809, the book The Blair Witch Cult by an unknown author was published. The only surviving copy of this book is in the Maryland State Museum of Public History, Baltimore.

In the 1820s, businessman Burkitt bought the derelict town of Blair from the state, renovated all the derelict buildings, and consecrated the house. In 1824, the town was renamed Burkittsville. This city still exists in the state of Maryland.

In 1828, a girl named Eileen Treacle disappeared from Burkittsville. The children playing with her reported she was pulled into the neighboring creek by a white hand emerging from the water. Although the stream was shallow, no one could find the body of the poor. A few weeks after the disappearance of Eileen, signs of transit fluvii stacked from wooden sticks were found near the creek.

In 1886, four-year-old Robin Weaver disappeared into the Black Hills forest. The frightened boy's parents organized a search, but late in the evening, Robin returned home saying that in the woods, he met a woman who was walking in the footsteps without reaching the ground and led her to an abandoned forest hut.

After panicking about the disappearance of R. Weaver, the townspeople did not receive a returning search group in any way, so they allowed themselves to be searched. The bodies of the first group of people were found at Coffin Rock, near the place where E. Treacle allegedly drowned five decades ago.

In the 1940s, children began to disappear in the Burkittsville area again. Residents of the town and police officers began to suspect a new resident, Rustin Parrʼ, who had purchased a forest hut in the Black Hills forest a few years ago. After months of intensive research, Parrʼ himself admitted to completing his plan.


When police arrived at his home, the remains of seven children were found, and the man himself said he was ordered to do so by a woman's voice, which he kept hearing and only stopped after the seventh victim was killed. The killer was hanged, and tragic events marked his forest hut - burned to the ground.

In 1999, the film "Project: Blair's Witch" was presented in cinemas. Although the film is a feature film, it reproduces the 1994 October 20-28 events. Three Montgomery College students came to the town of Burkittsville to talk to locals for their documentary about Blair's Witch. It was to be devoted to the final work of a cinema course. They all disappeared into the Black Hills forest without knowledge.

A little later, film camera tapes were found to capture the first-day students in the forest in the abandoned forest hut. However, their further fate is still shrouded in mysticism, and the bodies have not been found.

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