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The Color Pink, All Girls Favorite?

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I'm never gender biased, but when it comes to favorite colors "pink" is found often dearest majorly by the girls. Color "pink" is combination of other beautiful colors. Pink combines the passion and intensity of red with the delicacy of white to create a color that evokes tenderness and compassion.

Pink is a color that represents youth, overall wellness, and fun. It represents the first bloom of adoration and the pampering of feminine. Pink also is the iconic hue of the prostate cancer research movement, and we associate it with innocence and happiness.

Since it‘s my favorite color too, I can never stand anything with color pink whenever I see them. Even if it is a paper, a bracelet worn by a women or dress by a little girl. It always attracts me.

Let's read a poem of an incident when I saw two girls wearing pink while holding sugary candies in their hands. :))


"Girls in Pink"


It is pretty, it is cute

it is delicate and soft

I see girls holding candies

color speaks while they are mute

Sweet as sugar, want to taste?

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those pink candies with all shades

makes me want them, eat and break

they have texture of sweet paste

They were smiling and showed wink

see me happy with that kink

which I showed while going straight

they looked charming ,wearing pink

Pinky Pinky Cheers ;)


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