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The Best 5 Tips to Write an Article

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Most of the newspapers, Magazines and websites are hungry for quality articles. And they pay the writers a handsome amount of money. Although you have been thinking about writing articles for a long time, there is still vagueness about the writing style. The secret to a good article is to plan and structure well before writing. If you have structured well it will give you great advantage to communicate your ideas correctly, concisely, clearly, coherently, and completely.

Here I have listed 5 strategies. Which will help to write an awesome article. Don't skip. Read the entire article carefully.

In a qualitiful article should be included

  • An appropriate title
  • An opening paragraph
  • The main discussion
  • A closing paragraph

1 . Find Appropriate Title

A reader will read the entire article or not depending on the title. Keep in mind, the title is almost the soul of an article. First of all, focus on the title of your article. How to make it search-friendly and eye-catching.

Usually An eye-catching Title should include:

• a search-friendly keyword or keyword phrase

• the subject the article covers

Make sure your title contains a search-friendly keyword or phrase. It helps to increase your reader by easily finding them on search engines.

Imagine your content top to bottom and Cover the theme to the title. What you actually explain to the reader's.

2. An opening paragraph

If you want to write an article which will be more appropriate to the reader's mind. And they will read the rest of the article, start the article with an attractive paragraph that hooks the reader’s attention. The first paragraph should be contained:

• hook the reader’s attention

• apply to the title’s promise

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• arouse curiosity

• lead in to the rest of the article

Hooking the reader's attention depending on the opening paragraph. Comprise it with the title's promise. Start opening paragraphs in a way that arouses curiosity, leading into the rest of the article.

3. The main body

The main body is divided into different paragraphs according to each central idea.

Remember it, every paragraph should be pertinent to the title. Don't lead it in an illogical way. You have to maintain the paragraph in logical sequence. Concise the main body as possible. And don't walk through lengthy roots. So that reader's keenness may have failed.

You can include supporting facts and information to make it Vulnerable to the reader's. Keep in your mind at the time of article writing in a ideal article's main body must be included:

• a series of paragraphs in logical sequence

• a central idea in each paragraph

• supporting facts and information

4. A closing paragraph

A closing paragraph is more important than a conclusion.

Use here the final speech to inspire your readers. You should have something interesting in the closing paragraph. If you want the reader's back again. Give importance to the Closing paragraph. Write a brief summary of what you want in the article. Ask the reader a question about what they need to know. And answer the question. By applying this policy it affects the reader's thought for a long time.

*A closing paragraph contains three common styles to most writers.

*A concise summary of the article

*Asking the reader a questiona

*Answering the article question

5. Proofread the article

Rewriting the article before submitting to an editor is important. Cut the lengthy sentence and make it concised. When the rewrite is completed, proof it at least three times. There is a saying in the writer's planet: an hour writing and 5 hours proofreading. Check the facts carefully. Because There is no chance to come back again when a reader gets wrong information. So be careful about facts and information while writing. Recheck it a couple of times.


However, Writing is a pursuit. In the beginning you can't reach the high. But gradually you catch the dream you are dreaming. Even sometimes it is far more difficult to find topics or bodies. Continuing and brainstorming will develop your thinking power and store sound vocabulary. Leave a comment if you have doubts in this content.

Thanks a lot

© 2022 Faruk Ahmad

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