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The beauty of this life resides upon your own hands

Katerina Kostaki is a Greek spiritual and visionary Author,Poet, Mentor,Broadcaster, Youtuber.Owner of the ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT (NETWORK).


Inner Voices within

I have to confess that it is so beautiful to enjoy Life.

To dance in the rhythm of Life.

Enjoy every moment like a dancer in the Spirit of Light.

It's so beautiful indeed.

Make positive affirmations

I feel happy!

I am happy!

I am blessed by Love!

I am protected by Divine Love!

I am enveloped by Light!

I am protected by my Angels!

Give thanks

Give thanks in every direction.

Express your Gratitude for the beautiful things that flow into your Life

Be your True Self

Be self confident and move on.

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Never say "I will move on".

Say "I move on.In Present Time.The Time is Now"

Take advance of each moment .

Each moment is the cell of a new positive experience,a positive energy cell of Innovation.

Share the cell of Innovation with more people.

That is a really luminary task.



Influence people to move on and follow you.

Become motivated by Higher Good and Love.

For LOVE is a great motive itself.

Manifest your own Sacred Sanctuary

Another way to increase your energy and become a manifestator of positive changes within you,your life and also influentional for Humanity is to built or manifest your own Sacred Sanctuary.

A Sacred Sanctuary is a space or room located on your own home;it's a place dedicated to your own spiritual devotion and empowerement.

On my hub "How to create your first Crystal Altar for Protection and Abundance", I respectufully describe the way to set up a small, but really vibrational altar for spiritual and prosperity purposes.

Academy of Inner Light -Network

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