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Self Defense


The act of reflex

Summer vacations, grandma’s house, and that cousin’s movie night, these three together means unlimited fun and a bundle of memories for the whole year. My dad and uncle decided to spend vacations together this time. We are all electrified on hearing this. John, my first cousin suggested watching “Suits” jointly.

On reaching there, we explored every single place there. It was quite fun though but the real one was sticking Infront of the screen and watching the show 24\7. That night we were watching S05E14 Self Defense when there was a power outage, with a heavy heart we went to bed. That night a vivid dream captured me.

I was with my family at a fair. All the decorations and a huge Ferris wheel at the center fascinated everyone. Lisa and I rushed toward the ice cream bus as if they ran short of it. On getting vanilla ice cream, our next motto was to have a ride on the, but the weather got moody. Little balls of snow initiated to cover everything with a white blanket.

It was magical until the blackout. In a hurry to exit, people messed up. Walking through a crowd seemed to be an impossible task at that moment. I lost Lisa in this. I searched for her, but she was nowhere.

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Meantime, I saw her bow scrunchie on the ground with her hairs rolled in it, as someone grabbed it. It was the big alert. Looking for her, I followed the path.

Hardly in some steps, there was a turn where I encounter two men carrying Lisa. Probably she wasn’t in her senses. Shouted her name, I caught their attention, there was worry more than fear I felt that moment. They held me too, pasted duct tape over my mouth. I tried to resist my hands were tied. They laid us in the car and drove through the bumpy road.

 Surely, Lisa was chloroformed but she is returning now. I heard someone saying “Yeah! We have killed two birds with a stone, one jumped in the trouble itself.” The wicked howl vibrates in the car “we are going to have double money” he said.

“So, this was all about ransom.” My mind was constantly observing and processing things. The car stopped by an old garage. A skinny man came and embraced the two. In their celebrations, I noticed a cutter in one’s pocket there, up till now Lisa also got her senses back. He untapped me when I gave him a sign. “I know you are doing this all for ransom. I can call my dad just let us safe” It was an irresistible card, and he was naïve enough to untie my hands.

In his joy, he wasn’t aware that we kept his cutter from his pocket. Immediately, Lisa cut his hand as he approached me for the contact. They weren’t ready for it; we were lucky to get an escape but only for a moment. The skinny one caught me in a bit. But in the resistance, the knife in my hand penetrated his heart. To rip his heart out wasn’t my intention it was all in self-defense. One of the other two reported his partner’s death and other

 Was over me; I am the killer. While running madly I was uttering I killed him, I killed him. I woke up with a wail, I realized It was just a dream when my mind was awake.

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