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The Year of Fifth Grade Became the Best Year Ever in Delightful Chapter Book for Ages 9-11

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Fun Read for Imperfect Students

Fun read for children who learn that imperfection can turn out to be ok

Fun read for children who learn that imperfection can turn out to be ok

Imperfection Can Be Ok

What is someone to do who is accepted into an elite school and can finally escape the school that she has always hated, only to be expelled on the first day of the new school year in 5th grade? Elfie has always known that she is imperfect. She has never been popular at Cottonwood Elementary and her parents finally let her apply to the elite school Hampshire Academy. She is accepted and she thinks that her life will change by attending this school that she thinks is perfect for her.

Elfie had never had any friends at Cottonwood Elementary and she never fit in with any group. She met a few new friends on the first day at Hampshire Academy and soon after, everything turned into a disaster. A group learning project was assigned and that was the beginning of the end for Elfie. Elfie noticed that one of her new friends was cheating on work for the project and Elfie made the right decision to tell. The only problem was that no one would listen and the student in question was an important student at Hampshire Academy because his parents were highly influential. Elfie was expelled on the first day of 5th grade.

Elfie must return to Cottonwood Elementary until a decision is reached as to whether she will be allowed to return to Hampshire Academy. As the year progresses, Elfie learns a few life lessons after being back at Cottonwood Elementary. Young readers will find this to be a page-turner as they follow Elfie's year back at Cottonwood Elementary and wait for the decision about her return to Hampshire Academy. Elfie learns life lessons about things that really matter even when things seem disasterous in the beginning.

Kristin Mahoney's Elfie Unperfect is a fun read for young readers who are navigating their final years in elementary school. Every young reader will relate to events that Elfie encounters in the 5th grade. Elfie's fifth grade adventure will remind readers of the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day that happened to Alexander, but Elfie's experience lasted for an entire year. However, everything turned out just right.

Elfie Unperfect was published by Alfred A. Knoph, a division of Penguin/Random House. It is recommended for ages 9-11 and has an ISBN of 978-0-593-17582-8.

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Bring Elfie Unperfect Into the Classroom for Learning Activities to Enhance Reading

Teachers who teach reading and creative writing for later elementary grades will want to add Kristin Mahoney's Elfie Unperfect to their classroom library. This fun read offers a wealth of ideas for creative writing after reading. Students will enjoy reading Elfie Unperfect for a period of time as a chapter book. Reading a few chapters each day aloud offers the opportunity for students to practice their skills in reading aloud.

*Call attention to the assignment of a group project for Elfie and her classmates in her new fifth grade class. Create a group project for your students in a subject that they will enjoy doing research for.

*There are words in italics throughout the book that can be used for new learning of vocabulary. Take the time to make a list of these words that Elfie encounters throughout the book. Assign a creative writing activity for students to use these words as they encounter them.

*Engage students in a class discussion of the event that causes Elfie to be expelled on her first day. Take a class poll of students who think that Elfie was right to tell on the student who accused her of stealing his phone. Did Elfie really steal the phone? Take a class poll of the students who would have done the same thing as Elfie at the risk of being expelled.

*Assign a creative writing activity for students to write their own version of how they would have solved Elfie's problem in being a tattle-tale. Allow the students to write their own ending for Elfie Unperfect.

*Engage students in a class discussion of the life lesson that Elfie learned after returning to Cottonwood Elementary. Take a class poll of students who have encountered life events similar to Elfie.

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