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The Wrong Side of History-2020

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This upcoming election is not about one man, Donald Trump. Despite all the media, the protests, the circus environment, it is not about just one man, or his lies or his flamboyant life. It is about our country and its future direction. We had seen the results of 8 years of progressive rule under President Obama, and now in contrast 4 years under Trump. A stark reminder of the differences policies can make.

- Oct. 2020


In order to choose which direction our country should go, we must first know where we have been and where we are today. We had a long history from our Founding to now. We had experienced wars, and economic depression and we had tremendous achievements such as landing the first man on the moon. More importantly, we have produced the largest middle class with the greatest amount of wealth in the history of mankind. That is no small feat. Yes, we had our troubles with race, with immigration, with the native Americans and with Japanese and Asian Americans. We had the civil rights movement and the feminism movement, the gay rights movement...Each step in our history, we have made progress. For some, it did not come fast enough, for others, it is not yet ready for prime time.

Where are we today in 2020? Where will we be tomorrow?

We Are The United States of America

It is good to be reminded of who were were. When our country was founded, we were 13 separate colonies of the British Empire. Each with its unique characteristics of people and commerce and religious beliefs. We came together to form a union so that we could be stronger together as one rather than divided and weak. This required compromises. Our Founding document, the Constitution, reflects that sentiment. Without that compromise, we would have never got off the ground.

As such, we are different and unique as a new country. We are as diverse as any group of that period. We had different opinions and beliefs but we found a way to work together, not perfectly, but more perfect union as stated in the preamble.

In 2020, we are still standing. We have survived a civil war over slavery. We fought two major world wars to defeat fascism. We won the cold war over communism. Yet, somehow, we are still divided. Our two party system survived all through these turmoils. At times, one party dominated over the other for decades and the pendulum swing the other way. Not due to inertia but due to the will of the American people. We are a nation who are governed by the people we elected - a republic democracy. This is very different than majority rule. We are not a pure democracy where everything is decided by popular vote.

The concept of a republic is that ideally, we elect people to represent us who are generally smarter and who will act in our best interest. He or she works for us.

This is how it should be. Our president was elected to serve us. Since Washington's time, he decided to step down after two terms and allow others to serve. He did not want to be a king.

In 2020...

We, the USA, is the only super power left standing. We are as diverse as we have ever been. We are only 5% of the world's population but we hold 70% of the world's wealth. The same goes with energy consumption. There is two way to look at that. On the one hand, you can say how unjust that is, why should Americans be so rich and the rest of the world live so poorly?

Or, on the other hand, how well America has progressed and our ingenuity has produced more wealth for all our citizens.

Which is the right view?

Depending how you answer that question, it will also determine best course of action going forward.

If you assume we are over stepping our needs and wasting our worldly resources at the expense of the rest of the world, then it makes sense for us to redistribute our wealth to the 3rd world nations. It is only fair?

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Or, we have found a better way to conduct our commerce and our government and we should teach the rest of the world to adopt our methods so they will have a shot of improving their wealth.

These are two opposing views of reality. One sees the world as a fixed pie, where if one gets more, the other gets less. Alternatively, the pie is not fixed but can grow, and as one person gets a bigger slice, it just means he was able to find a way to make the pie larger.


Some Realities...

Down through the ages, we have learned some important lessons and some at great costs. For example, we have learned slavery is wrong. We have saw the failures of fascism of Nazi Germany and Italy and Imperial Japan. We saw the failure of communism under the Soviet Union and how it collapsed as the Iron curtain came crashing down in 1990. We learned how Islamic extremists can bring down the twin towers with asymetric warfare. Our security is under attack by not just guns but by cyber warfare. Our electric grid is vulnerable to an EMP attack.

What are some lessons going forward?

  • machine intelligence can be our friend or foe
  • education is the key to financial success
  • human life is fragile and precious
  • better communications will avert misunderstanding
  • we are all connected
  • we need to be good steward of our planet and our resources
  • socialism does not work, never worked
  • the one world order is a myth
  • we are still the leader of the free world, and we are the best hope for humanity

Our Choice

Every citizen of our country has the civic duty to vote. It is the one chance we get every two or four years to change direction or to continue down the path. History will judge us as to how we did. Just like we get to judge how FDR did back in 1941. Or how JFK was elected in 1960...or Reagan in 1980, and Bush in 2000. It seems every 20 years or so, our country have a pendulum that keeps us on track.

The choice in 2020 is pretty clear. Not to allow a single man or personality to dominate the conversation. 2020 is not about Trump the person. It is about the future of our country.

Do we want to pursue a capitalistic system or a socialistic form of government?

Do we want a judicial branch that is more originalist, or one that is more activist?

Do we want a limited federal government as dictated by our Constitution or an ever increasing State that are controlling every aspect of our lives?

Vote for your future and the future of our children and their children.


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